Mocks Fan Page Case study

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to the world of Facebook Fan Pages.

The Mocks Fan Page has been about since October 2009, as the creator of Mocks (and the Fan page) I wanted to give you some insights into how we have managed to achieve over 12,000 fans in just over 2 months.

Mocks has been on Facebook with a profile page since 2008 (we were later starters!) But it wasn’t until I attended an Austalian Businesswomen’s webinar that I realised the FULL POWER that Facebook Fan Pages can offer. I did think, as you probably do, what’s all this hype about Facebook, it’s not doing much for me, and it’s rather a hassle!

On Monday October 19th we set up the Fan page and encouraged all our current “274 friends” from the profile page to move over and become fans, this in itself is a challenge, I thought that unless they are a “die hard” Mocks fans, they won’t be bothered.

LESSON: work out what you want from Facebook before you set it up, as if you try to change it later you can, but a) you’ll lose people and b) you’ll annoy them

Over the next three weeks we incentivised our “old friends” to become fans by giving them a FREE Halloween Mock if they moved over by the end of the month, through this we managed to get about 227 friends to become fans.

Then I decided I wanted to have 1,000 fans before the end of November, I saw no reason why we couldn’t (although my team were not quite as confident as I was). So how did I do it?

By the end of December we had 10,774 fans, an increase of over 10,500 fans in two months.

Today (Jan 25th) nearly a month later growth has slowed down considerably, but we still have 12,324 fans, even though around 850 have “defanned” us – obviously they just joined for the freebees.  The challenge now is to keep those fans we have engaged and also grow the fan base because it has made a difference to Mocks.

The direct benefits that Mocks have seen from the Fan Page are:
– Increase in online sales by 200%
– Increase in new customers (particularly from USA and UK)
– Instant feedback on new design ideas
– Ideas for new designs
– Ideas for competitions
– Anyone who has had an issue with an order has posted it up, so we have been able to react more quickly
– We’ve used fan ideas to compile a list of 101 uses for your Mock which we have used in other marketing
– Trying to get into the USA market it has provided valuable insights into our audience and persuasive stats to tell retailers about

So this is the Mocks fan page story, a lot of it has been trial and error, as what may work for one brand will not necessarily work for another.  Would love to hear any comments.



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5 responses to “Mocks Fan Page Case study

  1. Great effort Social Rabbit we’re up to 6700 as a small real estate company and keep pushing daily for growth. Our attraction is our content. We focus on bringing benefits to our audience. We are a real estate company but wine, fashion, music, sport, news dominate our content. Really enjoyed your article. We as you are love the benefits a FAN page brings including likeability, brand awareness and an ability to thank our clients by promoting their businesses. Check us out at Altitude real estate if you want. Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Paul, Love the page, I will add it to my favourites on Social Rabbit. What do you think are the top 3 things you’ve done that have specifically worked to increase your fan base?

      Also would you be open to me writing your page up as a case study? I am running various workshops and need some real life examples, I would need to send you a few questions to answer.


      Lara aka Chief Rabbit

  2. Hi Lara, your growth in numbers on your fan pages is fantastic. Congratulations.

    Whilst you offered all the rewards, competitions, etc & you’ve capitalised on the viral marketing as well, did you find that the Facebook Fan Ads were a good investment? And, if so I hope you don’t mind me asking, but did you have to invest a lot in the ads to get your fan numbers up to that level?

    Also, did you have any fans join from email blasts out to an external database or use Facebook Fan Page widgets on your existing websites OR was it all done internally through Facebook?

    If it was all generated from what you’ve mentioned above, then I am blown away by your results & you should once again be congratulated. Cheers & Well Done.

    • Thanks for the blog comment. To answer your questions:
      Facebook ad’s – we spent about $50 a day over 4 weeks, well that was our max, it didn’t always reach that. I will say that when I stopped the ad’s for a week our fan numbers were flat, so I would say that they work
      Other emails – we do a weekly newsletter to people and we were promoting facebook in that, and we have a button on the website for people to join, but I don’t to be honest think that had much impact

      Do you have a fan page? I’d be interested to see it.

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