The more you put in the more you get out…

Good evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

This saying is a fact of life, and yet we all (well I know I do) deep down think, maybe this time it will just happen!

Social media is no different to life, so you decide your business needs a Facebook Fan Page, you go and set it up, you have a lovely landing page, lots of flash apps and a cool logo, but only 1 fan (you!).  If you don’t tell anyone about it, the number of fans is just not going to increase (well ok it might, but it’s pretty unlikely).  It’s the same as if you had set up a new business, you’re working from your spare room, you have great business cards, but unless you tell people about it you’re not going to have any customers.

Facebook and other social media is the same as the real world in this respect.  You can get really excited saying “I have to have a Facebook Page because there are 350 million peple on Facebook”, but don’t think that once you have a fan page (btw there are about 1.6 million fan pages out there, according to Facebook) all 350 million people will become fans of yours… After all why should they?  It’s like anything, people have to be interested in what you are doing to want to know more about it and/or be involved in it.

There’s lots of great sayings I can say to you… but I think that this one “the more you put in the more you get out” is something that every wannabee Facebook Fan Page builder should take on board.  Building your fan base is not about quantity it’s about quality (unless you want to ultimately sell the fans off, which you can see  You want to get fans who love what you’re doing and take the time to interact with your business/brand, because that is how you will build the connection with them.  Unfortunately it is unlikely that this is going to happen overnight, you need to put some work into it, write great posts, use fan ad’s, ask your friends to join and other time consuming activities.  But the reward will be there once you have built your fan base 🙂

Of course if anyone has found the ultimate that app that builds fans for you while you sleep without you paying for it, then I’d love to hear.

Keep fanning, and why not become my fan!


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