Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to Facebook Fan pages.

Often when we try something and it doesn’t work it feels like failure, but it’s not.  Below are some quotes from Thomas Edison, not someone I would call a failure.

Hell, there are no rules here– we’re trying to accomplish something.
I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.
Thomas A. Edison US inventor (1847 – 1931)

In social media, it’s new, it’s exciting and it’s not fully tried and tested, so you need to experiment.  I have 3 different Facebook fan pages going, and I am doing different things on each one – they each have a different audience.  This is challenging, in that I am trying to come up with three different strategies, but also it is ALOT of trial and error, as Edison says, I will find alot of ways that won’t work.  However what won’t work for one might work for another.

I have found on the Mocks Fan page that when I say to fans when we reach x number of fans I will do x (at the moment this is a $1 Mocks sale weekend when we reach 15,000 fans), they love it, they get really involved, they encourage people to join, and they count down with comments like only 12 to go etc.  The trick with this method is finding something that they actually want – they all wanted free Mocks (I asked them), which was not going to be an option, so I had to come up with something else.  I know that once they have bought 1 or 2 Mocks they love them and will buy more, so this seemed ideal, and it’s getting results – around 100 fans overnight after day 1 (1% increase).

So knowing that this works for a product page I have tried this out on the Social Rabbit Fan Page, yesterday I posted up that if we reach 1000 fans by Feb 14 one lucky fan will get a Facebook Page strategy done for them for free and the page set up, total value $3000. So far this has got us about 6 new fans (from 58 to 64) again a 1% increase.  So in theory the method works for any type of page…..  Although on such a small base, I am not sure that I can fully trust the results…

I would love you to try it and let me know how you go…. the more evidence the better, these may be one offs 🙂


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