Gifting app’s on Fan pages….

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to Facebook Fan Pages.

Gifting app’s – do they work for a page?

Well, in my experience I would probably say no, but then look at Farmville – the top app on Facebook which has 74 million users (which is 21% of all Facebook users).  Around 35% of Farmville users are daily active users. 

I set up a Mocks gifting app (you could send virtual Mocks to your friends) using the Wildfireapp system (the system was awful, but I will go into that in another post).  The gifting app ran for 10 days, from 20th Jan to 30th 2010, over which time we had 112 people give gifts with the app, which was less than 1% of our fan base, the cost was US$14.90, so 13c per person.

According to an Inside Facebook report 74% of app users are women (so perfect for the Mocks brand), but it takes 70% of users 30 days to accept the gift, so prehaps me running my campaign for only 10 days was not enough?  The research also found that 56% of app activity was by 6% of the app users, unfortunately I can’t measure that.

For the Mocks Page the gifting app just did not work, when we posted it we only got 15 likes and 10 comments, our January average was 13 likes and 41 comments!  Then a few days later we asked what other Mock designs would you like added to the app and got 5 likes and 5 comments, way below average.  The app we created just didn’t engage people enough, there were thoughts that we were giving away a FREE Mock (nope!) and others that said I was going to buy one, but I’ll give the gift instead (not good news for sales).  So as with all social media experiments I have taken a lot out of this, if not least run your campaign for 30 days minimum!

For you “app heads” out there these are the top 10 app’s on Facebook (by number of users) as at 1st Feb 2010.  If you want more stats on apps Inside Facebook has great data.

1.  FarmVille 75,778,293
2.  Birthday Cards 41,912,679
3.  Café World 30,353,980
4.  iHeart 28,027,027
5.  Happy Aquarium 27,347,303
6.  Facebook for iPhone 26,053,163
7.  FishVille 25,331,874
8.  Texas HoldEm Poker 25,180,906
9.  Causes 24,739,102
10.  Mafia Wars 24,556,434

If you have had app success, I’d love to hear about it 🙂


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  1. Im not sure about all the hoolpa around farmville. I know one thing for sure if you have lots of time on your hands to kill then thats the game for you 🙂 My hubby is taken up with it . Fine blog by the way

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