Seems that everyone has their own networking site… Why?

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to social media.

Today this rabbit is confused…  Yesterday I got invited to join a social network for a women’s organisation, after joining (and becoming 1 of 130 members) I had to think why did they bother…  They could have had a group/profile/fan page on Facebook which has 400 million users, or a group on LinkedIn, why would people join a network with 130 members?  What benefit would I, as a user get from it? 
This what I thought of:
– localness of it, in that it is promoted to Australians
– less daunting with less members, because only a few people see your posts
– brand extension, offering current loyal members an additional benefit

I have to say that I completely understand why they have set it up, my view as a user is that there is a lot more info on LinkedIn or Facebook so why should I create another profile to maintain?  The whole what’s in it for me attitude…  Of course networks only work if everyone is willing to contribute.

All this comes back to knowing your audience,

What do they do? 
What do they want? 
How can you help them achieve it?  

Having your own social network is very cool, no doubts about that, but does it fit?  Is what you should be asking.

I will be interested to see how the network grows over the next few months, I hope it works for them.

What do you think?

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