There were fans… now there are super fans!

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media….

Did you know that you can now have super fans on your fan page?  Nope? me either.  Well Domino’s pizza in the UK have developed an app, when one fan invites a friend and they become a fan of the page it recognises this.  They have developed a leader board of the “Pizza King” and “Pizza Queen”, i.e. those fans who have invites the most friends who have joined.  What do fans get? well each time the page hits a certain number of fans a coupon code is released (that can only be redeemed online).  Plus the Pizza King and Queen each week get a free pizza.

This concept by Domino’s is similar to what I did with the Mocks brand page – incentivise fans to invite fans, but they have taken it one step further in rewarding fans who have the most friends who join.  Good concept, however there is a thermometer on the page which shows the next target for fan numbers, the next is 20,000 but there are 5 more points above that, what’s the betting that they want 100,000 fans?  How long will it take for fans to grow tired of being the Pizza King and Queen?  It’s been running now since Jan 30th, unfortunately I can’t find the stats for when it started (Allfacebook is not playing the game!)  However they have got 398 fans in 5 days, which isn’t bad.

However the disappointing thing is that the people that work at Domino’s are actually entering the race, not sure that they meant that to happen, but hey, this is social media…. it’s hard to stop people.

If you see any other promo’s out there I’d love to hear…

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