Will online replace offline?

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media…

Last night was a very social networking night for one lucky bunny!  I went speed networking, so 25 people 3 minutes each and lots of business card swapping.  At the end of the night I had probably 3 definite new social media clients and A LOT of raving fans.  The people I met told me about the people that they had met that night (that I hadn’t) who I should talk to, so I actually will eventually connect with more than the 25 I have cards for.

So bouncing up to my PC this morning I was wondering if I had spent the 3 hours on LinkedIn last night rather than at this event would I have got the same results?  Has anyone done that?  I plan to next week and will compare the results.

I think that for me face to face networking will produce better results, that is to say I will get more instant “yeses” mostly because my enthusiasm just bounces out of me, and it’s kind of hard to convey that on LinkedIn.  So how am I going to convey enthusiasm and stand out on LinkedIn with my new challenge?  This is the plan…

– every question I answer include my tag line
– every email I send include my tagline
– brighten up my profile so it is more memorable
– look through my current connections and see who they know that I could help
– sign off any emails with my business name and tag line (unfortunately you can’t include urls)
Plus I’ll work on more and report back….

Love to know your thoughts…

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