Engagement is a choice

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Yesterday this bunny was at a development day, and the topic of engagement came up, in relation to staff engagement.  The bottom line is that engagement is a choice… you can’t force your staff to get involved, yes you can incentivise the right behaviour, but you can’t hold their nose and force them to drink the cool aid!

So why is it that in online engagement, eg on your Facebook fan page, that people say “I’m posting up info, but no one is responding” or “I just can’t get people to write comments” or “no one seems to even read my blog”.  Online engagement is the same as trying to engage staff, or trying to get people to buy your product or trying to get your partner to do the washing up, they have to want to.  There is no magic pill, there are no hit men you can hire to hold a gun to their head (actually there probably is, but I don’t have their number!) so what do you do?

Some engagement do’s and don’ts


  • Write about what interests your audience
  • Try and make it topical, eg if a new movie has been released, or if an event is on, eg the soccer world cup
  • Get quirky and fun, eg I post up on the Mocks fan page that we have had letters from iPods complaining about abuse from owners – it sparks a conversation
  • Respond to comments in a human way, so say you love what they’ve written, suggest other ideas to them
  • Don’t be afraid of not agreeing with your fans, eg we are currently trying to reach 15,000 fans on the Mocks page by end of Feb 14, the fans have been begging for the last week to have the deadline extended, but it’s not going to happen
  • Let other fans answer queries from fans, don’t feel it has to be you all the time – tip if they are doing this you are doing a fab job, it means you have built a community!


  • Just waffle on about your company/product/service/you that’s interesting the first few times, or every now and again, but NOT EVERYDAY
  • Assume that everyone on your page/reading your blog is there for the same reason, so mix things up
  • Try to please all the people all the time, basically you’re not going to be able to do it, instead vary what you do
  • Delete negative comments, instead respond to them in a positive way
  • Allow meanness between fans, in some ways you are the parent in this relationship

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of engagement, would love to hear your tips…

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