Choosing the right fork, is like choosing the right social media

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today I read a great article on personal branding which basically helps decode some of the confusion around which social media to use when, it is worth a read.  This lead me to thinking about when you go to a restaurant (or someone’s house if you have posh friends) and get served an 8 course meal, the dilemma is which fork and knife do I use for which…..  Social media is the same, except instead of 8 courses there are a hell of a lot more, try 100.  So how do you decide on which fork with which food?

Tips for choosing your social media utensils…

  • Work out what you are trying to do with it… eg sales, brand awareness, handle customer enquiries
  • Work out who your audience are and where they go, eg if you are targeting people in China you are not going to be using Facebook, as the government has blocked it
  • Which utensil has what you need? eg ability to upload links, photos, have friends etc
  • What are your competition using?  Note: this doesn’t mean they are doing it right, but you should be aware, particularly if they have a big following, as you my be able to ride on a few coat tails
  • How much time do you have to put into this?  Can someone help you?  As easy as social media looks, it takes time to get results
  • Can you use the utensil you’ve chosen to integrate into EVERYTHING else you are doing?  and I mean EVERYTHING people  – business cards, website, email signature etc
  • Ask people, you probably know people on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Google Wave, writing blogs etc find out why they like the one they use
  • Finally if all else fails hire an expert, they will be able to advise you, help you get set up and then you can run with it

If you feel like you are still using the wrong fork with your prawns because you just can’t seem to get them in your mouth, then get some advice – good luck.

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