13 Excuses for social media not working…

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today I’m going to help you if you need a reason as to why your social media strategy isn’t working….  Maybe you feel it should be, and so want to justify why it isn’t, or maybe your boss is demanding to know why is everyone else getting results but not you.  Of course it isn’t your fault (or is it?) it could be,

  1. I just don’t have time, far too busy “working”
  2. I’ve set up a Facebook page and have written interesting posts, but fan numbers haven’t grown in weeks, so OBVIOUSLY it doesn’t work for my industry
  3. It’s just a fad, it will only last a few months, it’s just not worth the effort for a few months
  4. None of our customers/potential customers are on social media
  5. My friend tried it for his business, it did nothing, so there is no point in me trying
  6. It’s a USA (insert a country other than yours here) thing, people in (insert your country here) don’t use it
  7. I have no idea what to do – too hard basket
  8. It’s going to take so long to learn to do it, I’d be better off spending the time on generating sales
  9. Just because I have a Facebook page doesn’t mean it will increase sales
  10. Only geeks use Twitter
  11. People in my industry are still struggling to use Google they just don’t understand social media
  12. I just don’t see the point, who wants to know about what we do?  I don’t think they would be interested
  13. We are already advertising in magazines and it works fine, so why change it?

 So why do you think it’s not working?  Let me put this out there… Maybe you aren’t giving it a proper go?  YOU CAN GET RESULTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – DON”T DISMISS IT….

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3 responses to “13 Excuses for social media not working…

  1. Hi there, would love to see a more concrete rebuttal to these! 🙂 Curious on your insights, particularly concerning the “Only geeks use Twitter” option.

    I realise it’s more than just geeks using twitter, but I have a hard time convincing clients that Twitter can have a broader reach… or is that not the purpose?

  2. Thanks Julia, I am going to be replying to my post today. You are right Twitter is not just for geeks 🙂

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