The Force is strong with social media

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today this little bunny was very excited to find out that the Police Department in the USA are using Facebook to fight crime!  A post from Inside Facebook shows the way Facebook is being used by the police force to fight crime, a great example of how social media is building a community, integrating on and offline worlds and engaging their audience to the level where they are catching criminals. 

One important item to note is that none of the pages have a huge number of fans, certainly none over 5000, again helping you to realise that bigger is NOT always better, and it is QUALITY not quantity that gets the results.  The integration of video – in the form of CCTV footage to help the police catch criminals is totally inspired and really shows how you can integrate offline and online for a fantastic effect.

My challenge to you would be what are you currently doing in your business that you can put online and get results?  The idea is not to create things just for online, but to use what you have offline online.


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