10 Questions on Facebook I got asked this week – with answers

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Below are questions about Facebook that I have been asked this week, along with their answers,¬†tomorrow will be LinkedIn so check back ūüôā

Q:  When I am writing a comment on a wall how do I link my page to it without typing the whole link?
A: If for example you want to put a reference to the Social Rabbit page you type: @Social Rabbit this will then show the page in a drop down under the post and you can click on it and choose it.¬† You know you’ve done it right if the¬†page name¬†shows up in blue text, and the @ symbol has disappeared¬†after you have moved onto the next word

Q:  How can I give my page a unique URL?
A: Go to www.Facebook.com/username and click on the page name wording

Q: How do I add an admin person to my page?
A: Logon Facebook and go to your page, on the left side under your profile picture click on “Edit¬†page” then on the next screen go tot he right hand side and you will see admins, click on “add admin” and you can then choose them from your friends (that’s your personal profile¬†friends) or you can type in their email address (that they use to log onto Facebook) and you’re done.

Q: I need to add a fan of my page as an admin, and I don’t know their email address….
A: Click on the view all Fans on your wall page, scroll down, round, up and over until you find them, you will see a button next to their name saying “make admin” then click close and you’re done

Q: How do I add a page to my favourite pages section on my page?
A: Go to the page you want to add and under the profile picture you will see the words “add to my pages favourites” click on this and then select the page you would like to add it to and you’re done ūüôā

Q: Can I sell my products from my page?
A: Yes.  You can add an application to your page which will add an extra tab to your page, and people can then buy your products via paypal.  A good app to use is Marketplace the great thing about this, is that your products will not only be listed on your page, but also on Marketplace (basically a giant online shop selling only facebookers products)

Q: How do I add my blog to my Facebook page?
A: Use an app called Networkedblogs, this is a super easy way to add your blog as a tab on your page, it will also post¬†each new¬†blog on your wall – major timesaver ūüôā

Q: Can I set which tab non-fans land on when they come to my page?
A: Yes.¬† Go to the ‘edit page’ button on your page, and then click on ‘edit’ under ‘wall settings’ here you can choose your default view for your wall, eg your page only, your fans only or both.¬† Then you can choose the ‘default landing tab for everyone else’ this means non-fans (note: once someone is a fan they will always go straight to the wall), choose from the drop down menu which tab you want them to land on.

Q: Can I send an email to all my fans at once?
A: Yes, although it shows up¬†in the ‘updates’ folder rather than in the ‘messages’ folder, and they don’t get an alert to say that they have a new message.¬† To send one go to your page click on ‘edit page’ then on the left hand side under ‘promote your page’ there is ‘send an update to fans’ you can then choose to send it to all your fans, or only those in a certain country, of a certain age or gender.

Q: How can I link my Facebook page updates to my Twitter account?
A: Go to the Twitter App¬†and on the left side under the profile picture click on ‘add to my page’ choose the page you want to add it to¬†and click close.¬† Then go to your page and click on ‘edit page’ scroll down until you find the Twitter app, and click on ‘edit’.¬† Twitter will then walk you through setting it up so that all your Facebook posts automatically get posted on your twitter account.¬† You need to have set up your Twitter account before you add the app.

Well as you can see this Rabbit has been busy this week, if you have any questions please pop them in the comments, and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook.


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