Measuring Social Media is a challenge

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of Social Media.

Do you get fed up of people saying, well yes I know I should do social media, but how do I know it’s worth it? or your boss saying you can’t use social media unless you can prove to me it is working?

This bunny feels like they have jumped straight into a commercial, but today I started playing with UberVU which is a website that allows you to compare what is being “said” in social media about your brand etc.  I’ve done an example here of Microsoft vs. Apple no prizes for guessing that Apple is more talked about in social media, in fact in the last month:

  • On Twitter 69% has been about Apple, 31% about Microsoft
  • On You Tube 89% Apple, 11% Microsoft

Then being a chocoholic (on a free chocolate period until Easter of course!) I looked up Cadburys these were the results, the chart next to the source shows the activity over the last month.

Twitter 80.8% 2997 reactions

Facebook 8% 299 reactions  Youtube 5.4% 201 reactions

 Digg 1.8% 70 reactions

 Reddit 1.5% 59 reactions

 Other 2.1% 80 reactions
So you might want to consider this FREE, did I mention that? tool when trying to produce reports on what has an hasn’t worked for your brand/company, of course you can also get a paid account and get more results.  When you have a had a play with this let me know what results you get… ps Please note that this bunny has nothing to do with the company that owns this software, but just happens to like it 🙂
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