All it takes is focus…

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

This bunny has today just finished reading The Accidental Billionaires which is the story of how Facebook started.  The book is very easy reading, my key take-outs were how focused and passionate Mark Zuckerberg was about his website.  He worked with a number of different people in the first year, but his focus on the website never faltered once.  Every time there was a problem he found a way around it, either by utilising the people around him or by fixing it himself.  His drive was all-consuming, with often very little sleep for a week in a mission to get some coding finished.  For him it was never about the money, it was all about the user experience.  But, it didn’t always make him the most popular guy…

Today I spoke to someone at the Australian Facebook offices trying to understand the reasons behind the Facebook Promotional Guidelines, having literally just finished the book about 2 hours before it was fantastic to hear that the reason for the guidelines is to ‘ensure a good user experience’.  Facebook now has 1000 employees and yet the core values of the founder are intact, which I find impressive in a large organisation.

The focus of Mark in regards to Facebook has been the reason why is it the largest social networking site in the world, and his dedication to the user experience has won out above all else.  He set himself huge targets, found the resources and made it happen – without compromising the user experience, all because he focused on what he wanted to achieve. 

All this made me think, what is the one overall thing that we are dedicated to delivering at Social Rabbit?  The answer is – to helping businesses achieve their goals through social media.  As the Chief Rabbit I also have to consider if I am willing to sacrifice the bunnies that work for me to deliver it?

Questions to think about…
– Are you focused on your business/career?
– What are you dedicated to delivering to your customers?
– What are you willing to sacrifice (if anything) to deliver?

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