Pimp up Your Facebook Page

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Adding app’s to your page has never been easier, below I list some you might want to try, they are all free and can definitely add value to your fan’s experience:

  1. Involver App’s They have 9 free app’s you can really easily add to your page: RSS feed, a photo gallery, YouTube channel, Flickr, Twitter, PDFs, Slides, Page promotion and file sharing.  I particularly love the YouTube tab and the photo gallery, as the photo gallery rotates your pics and is far sleeker than the FB standard one.  With the free version you can only download 2 app’s per Facebook Page, and some of the app’s are limited, eg the photo gallery you can only upload 10 pictures.
  2. Store tab, I love this Payvment E-commerce Storefront.  You can quickly and easily add products that you can sell on your Facebook page and link it to paypal for easy payment.  Plus people can search within it for items.
  3. Polls, my favorite is this one, because it shows up on the wall of your page,  rather than in a box on the side, which means it also shows up in the newsfeed of your fans 🙂
  4. FBML, basically allows you to add images to your page, although you can also use it to add enewsletter sign up forms like we have done here on the Mocks page, we have added it as a box on the boxes page.  You can also create a welcome page using FBML, either do it yourself or there are lots of companies on Facebook who will do it for you for about $25 – a bargain!
  5. Twitter updated with your Facebook updates, using this app.
  6. Networked Blogs – a great app to add your blog to your page, and really easy to implement.

At the moment these are my favourites for pages, but before you start adding app’s like crazy you need to think what you want your audience to do when they reach your page… how do you want them to interact? 

I’d love to hear about your favourite app’s as there are thousands out there… Let me know in the comments.


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