What LinkedIn can do for Your Business

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

In this post I share the results I got from asking “What benefits have you seen for your business by using LinkedIn”

“I was a ‘case study’ during a Citrix webinar on LinkedIn at the start of the month so my figures are top of mind …. in January 72% of my income came via relationships that I have established solely as a result of LinkedIn, my Outshine database has grown by 456% in 7 months, and my teleseminars are now regularly over-subscribed which is a direct knock-on effect of the rate I’ve managed to grow my database through LinkedIn.”
Faye Hollands

“I won’t disclose any $$$ amounts… Let’s just say that I’ve booked many numerous trade shows as a traffic builder, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Communions, Weddings, Marketing events, private and corporate parties and events from my networking adventures here…”
Dave Maskin

“I, too, have increased my business as a result of my presence here. It allows me to network globally with my ideal audience and my visibility here is a tremendous business advantage.”
Christine Hueber

“LinkedIn has been a great way to find excellent talent. It’s also been a good place to screen out people who are not a fit. Specifically, we use it to contact previous employers for backgrounds of possible hires. Most hiring managers know that the references that are provided by candidates are hand chosen to provide a great review. We like to call people who are not on the list. And…if a previous employer doesn’t provide a LinkedIn recommendation, that’s a sign, too. Thanks to LinkedIn, it’s harder and harder to hide poor performance and as a business owner, that’s a very good thing.”
Kathy Heasley

“LinkedIn has played a key role in my branding and marketing efforts. Considering it’s more business-oriented than Facebook (where I also have a profile), I have enjoyed meeting people from around the world who have been interested in me personally as well as my voiceover business.  The most tangible example of this is Mary Lascelles, known as ReloMary. She and I met here on LI back in the fall, struck up a friendship, and I wound up voicing the tags on two of her relocation business’s videos, which are on her website and on YouTube.  LI is also an excellent way to make connections through Q&A, make/receive recommendations on past/current work, and promote yourself to a worldwide audience.”
John Zadikian

“You get from LI what you put in, you give your best in helping others you will reap the results, you game the system you will think you are gaining visibility while in fact you are reducing your chances for people to do business with you.  That being said, being on LI gave me the exposure and established my credibility at what I do I already had a huge consulting job that I have been doing the whole last year and still going, I have 2 in the works I also picked up some one time marketing consulting projects.  I met also a person here that co-partnered with me for a live seminar last NOV.  I would say 80% of my business is from LI” 
Sahar Andrade
“Would like to offer something concrete – but am still working through the process. I have only had one business query – and nothing concrete yet. However it has been good for connecting to old friends and this may lead to something.”
Anna Candler

“The main benefit so far is that I have re-established contact with a number of people. Also a special interest networking group with whom you are familiar is using it for a communications hub ie MGSM NETWORKER.”
Geoff and Isobel Berry

“Just some potential business partners/friends up to now…..But it is surely a good tool to dig any possible cooperation opportunities.”
Mark Liao

“I find it particularly helpful when targetting a company to do business with. You can see who you are connected with or who you could be introduced to through a contact. This is something I have just started working on so too early to provide quatitative results. Ask me in 3 months.”
Graeme Cowan
“LinkedIn is a powerful tool – I’ve been on the network since 2003 and it has constantly delivered value. You can find new business, new colleagues, new friends, learn, grow and much more. I started to lose interest in LinkedIn since the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs. However this past year, LinkedIn have really listened to their users and have become more “social” – a good thing.”
Tony Hollingsworth
“I got my first brief from an International client in Singapore who saw my profile when I made it ‘Full View’.”
Deborah Dunn

“I had been aware of LinkedIn for quite awhile, but had to be prodded by friends to join. Once I established a profile, it was amazing how rapidly my network grew.

The two key ways in which LinkedIn has added value to my consulting business is the ability to post news and articles on my profile page for wider distribution, and the use of InMail, a friendly medium that helps differentiate and personalize my email.”
Dale Laszig

“I’ve also been on LinkedIn since 2003, and I regularly find my LI network produces hot leads that have translated to real revenue. One speaking job booked after a status update; a number of new members to sphinxx leadership program for senior women; some responses to calls for help for my clients and contacts which has generated $$$ in goodwill; and lots of subscribers and referrals to my business website. I have to say though that this has become harder since twitter links have auto added to my status update so i’ve just decided to switch this off.” 
Jennifer Dalitz

“Plenty of benefits.  I have used LinkedIn extensively to successfully capital raise for clients looking for investment to make their web business ideas turn from ideas into reality.  I have also received decent dollars from Internet Consultancy offers derived from LinkedIn searchers.  It is a goldmine in entrepreneurial activity.” 
Haig Kayserian

“Having recently held a Roundtable session for senior HR professionals (big brands and agencies), I think one of the major benefits of LinkedIn is recruitment – not only for permanent staff – but for outsourcing individual projects/work.  For example, Microsoft recently saved an estimated £60,000 in recruitment-company fees by using LinkedIn to find nine niche technical employees capable of working with the rare Assembly and X86 software languages.  LinkedIn is great for business networking, but it has many other functions that can be extremely beneficial to an organisation, ranging from SEO and business-touting, through to personnel management and crowd-sourcing.” 
Jake Hird
There you go fans, lots and lots of real examples of people who get results from LI.  Maybe you should join?  Connect with me on LinkedIn or tell me in the comments what your experience is.

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