Case Study on BodyBolster

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today this bunny is reviewing a client’s Facebook page as a case study, to give all you wannabee bunnies out there an idea of what can be achieved in 4 weeks.

First up this is what I believe every social media campaign should have:
– Useful information
– A reason for people to connect
– Human contact
– A way to give customers a voice
– A way to engage customers
– Integration into the current sales & marketing plan

The BodyBolster Facebook Page started out with 17 fans when we took it on 2nd March.  The page had been existence since June 2009, but apart from starting it nothing much had been done.  The goals for the page were to increase the number of fans to 1000 by the end of month 1 and to increase online sales, with a goal of 100 orders during the month (this was a huge goal, as BodyBolster had only just started online ordering).   Incase you don’t know what a BodyBolster is, it is a new generation in back pain management, it gives you ACTIVE support to help prevent and manage back pain, neck strain and shoulder aches.

As I write today (March 28th – 27th in USA).
– There are 831 fans on the page, an increase of 814 since March 1st. 
– Online sales are now happening (previously there were none).
– There is interaction with the posts on the page.

– Ran Facebook ad’s to encourage fans to join the page, with a budget of $20 a day, we have gained 683 fans to date
– Added a YouTube tab to the page using the Involver app, thereby linking the current YouTube channel they had set up
– Added a landing tab for new fans using the Involver app, which also allowed people to click through to the website
– Posted everyday
– Changed the copy on the info tab to include more keywords
– Added a photo tab
– Created a competition
– Found relevant pages to post on to direct people to the page
– Responded to questions and comments by fans

This campaign, has resulted in good results for our client with a product that is usually sold and/or recommended by physio’s and other medical professionals, rather than sold direct.  It is therefore a challenge with this product to sell to end consumers, as it is education as well as awareness that needs to be tackled.

Let me know if you have worked on a product similar to this, and what you did to get it firing on Facebook.  PS If you are interested in winning a BodyBolster, go to their Facebook page, and click on the sign up tab to win one 🙂


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