The deadliest weapon in Your Social Media Kit!

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

So what is the deadliest weapon in your kit?  Any ideas?

It is the BIG P….  also known as Planning (but that doesn’t sound as sexy!).

Why is the BIG P so important?

– Without planning you don’t know what you are doing each day, and it therefore means that you can be scatter gun, instead of focused
– Planning means you will deliver a consistent message
– Planning means that everyone in the team knows what is happening and what to expect = no surprizes
– Planning allows you to integrate different aspects of your marketing and therefore get a bigger BANG for your buck!
– Planning means  you know what you are spending when (time or money)
– Planning means less repetition
– Planning means no last minute panics of “oh no I need to write a post what shall I write…”
– Planning = quality (or it’s far more likely to)

So how do you tackle the BIG P?

Posts: Where ever you are posting plan your posts, I’ve developed this highly complex worksheet (NOT!) where I write posts a week in advance then go back and fill in the results, so that I can see which posts got responses and which ones didn’t so that going forward I don’t have to guess what will and won’t work.  I do this in excel and start a new tab for each month.

Competitions: Before you start work out,
– What they will win
– How they enter
– How will you tell them about the comp
– What info do they need to give you when entering
– When the closing date is
– When you will announce winners
– How you will announce the winners
– How will you get prizes out
– Does it adher to guidelines for your country and/or the social network you are posting it on

Ad’s: Before you start draw lines in the sand, how much do you want to spend?  what do you want to achieve?  what do you want people to do when they see the ad?

This is just three aspects of the BIG P, but lots of food for thought, more will follow.  Let the Chief Rabbit know how your tackle the BIG P in the comments…

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