Do you want to land with a bump or glide?

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Much debate goes on regarding where potential new fans should land when they first visit a page.  As you may or may not know, as the page admin you can decide where you want them to land.  To do this go to the backend of your page, click on “wall settings” in the box marked “default landing tab for everyone else” choose from the drop down menu the tab you want them to land on.

This bunny believes that you should create a landing tab for potential new fans to land on, why?

  • It delivers a simple message on what the page is about
  • People can quickly understand what the page offers
  • Your visitors know that they have come to the right place
  • It looks professional
  • It gives them a focus of where to look, vs landing on the wall which is really busy!

So you need a landing tab, now what do you put on it?  The world is your oyster, here are some ideas

  • A simple banner with text explaining what the business offers, eg Social Rabbit
  • A funky picture inviting you to enter, eg Diet Coke
  • A montage of what is on the page, eg Red Bull
  • A style guide, eg Guess
  • Image back to the website, eg Ralph Lauren entices you to watch their runway show
  • Show what you stand for, eg Barbie asks you to sign the petition to ignite a movement to inspire girls
  • Products that change weekly, eg Jimmy Choo the advantage of this is that it is of interest to fans as well
  • Promote what you sell, eg McDonalds promoting a $1 breakfast
  • Images, text & newsletter sign up, eg Pink or Blue

So hopefully this is enough to get you started, it will surprize you that now you know about the landing tab how few pages have them, considering how simple they are to set up.  It was a real challenge to find pages to use as examples for you. 

You can add your own landing tab using the Static FBML app, or alternatively the bunnies at Social Rabbit can help you out.

Enjoy guiding your gliding new potential fans into land on your page, and make it work for you 🙂



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2 responses to “Do you want to land with a bump or glide?

  1. Antoine

    Thanks Lara. Good tips.
    Your blog is a breeze of fresh air amidst the information jungle.

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