It’s focus that gets results

Good evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of Social Media.

Today I read that McDonald’s has announced their first social media chief – Mr Wion.  The reason for this appointment according to McD’s is that it was finally time to have someone who was focused on the task, rather than someone doing it on top of their current full-time role.  A quote from the article says “In an interview, Mr. Wion said his marching orders are three-fold: using social media to build the business, manage customer problems, and beef up outreach to target groups such as mommy bloggers. Mr. Wion will work with the fast feeder’s U.S. media relations team, and will soon have support staff. Mr. Wion will report to Heather Oldani, director-external communications and public relations.”

Interestingly enough McD’s has been using social media since 2006, and it is only now that they finally have an in house social media expert – that’s 4 years people… 4 YEARS it has taken them to realise that a) it’s kind of important, and b) Needs focus.  I congratulate McD’s on actually appointing someone in house.  Maybe other companies will get on board in the next 4 years, just think if you are only just starting now to use social media, how long will it take you to realise that it needs focus?

I know what you are thinking, well of course the Rabbit is going to say that, she loves social media and is a complete convert.  But you see bunnies that is not what I am feeling incredulous about, it is more about the fact that after doing an activity for 4 years they finally realise… oh maybe we should focus on this?!  It could be anything that this applies to.

I strongly believe that if you focus on an activity you achieve results.  If you don’t then the results won’t be as good, and if you do get them, then maybe it was just luck?

So the moral of this tale is if you want to get results you need to:

a) Focus
b) Set aside time to focus
c) Understand that it won’t happen on its own
d) Put resources into the focus (time, money, people etc)

So my challenge to you is – What are you focusing on?  tell me in the comments & also let me know if there is anything you would like me to focus on!


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