Facebook Friday: Dawson Documents

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today is Facebook Friday where this bunny takes the gloves off and delivers the punches along with the compliments, today I look at Dawson Documents.

What’s working:

–  Great regular posting
–  Fan interaction is high
–  Great reviews tab, which looks like the reviews are by independent people, instead of Erin’s friends
–  Good articles on relevant topics
–  Good Facebook tips given out
–  All comments are replied to which is good for engagement
–  The personal interaction by Erin

What could be improved

  • The welcome tab is VERY busy, it is hard to know where to look, there is just so much going on, the text on the grey background is also hard to read (although that could be my screen!)
  • Spelling and punctuation should be checked
  • The post on Wednesday is probably against the Facebook Promotional Guidelines, remember to check these before you start a comp, you don’t want to risk having your page shut down
  • Potentially add the Slideshare app to showcase some of Erin’s work, for example there is mention of a calendar, but no information on the page or website to tell us what it is
  • Add more variety in the posts, there are a lot of sales pitch type posts, this could switch off fans after a while, try to let the work speak for itself
  • Include questions in posts to get fans opinions on topics, eg what tasks do you get frustrated with?
  • The boxes tab just contains all the same info that is on the other tabs, there is no need to have this tab, either go with the box or the tab, otherwise it is just annoying for the visitor to see the repetition
  • The video tab has 2 videos which are identical, so I would remove the one with no comments.  Consider whether you want to have a tab, as if no other videos are going to be added this is a little pointless, and the video appears on other tabs and in a box on the wall
  • Add the website as a hyperlink in the box underneath the profile picture
  • Make the links on the info tab hyperlink with http://
  • The shop now tab, only has one product on it (a great product, my book!) but it looks unfinished, either consider adding other products, eg the business starter pack etc, or prehaps taking this off
  • The side box and tab, it is really not apparent what this is for, even when you click through it doesn’t get much clearer, I would change the heading to include a call to action eg Click to vote for Dawson Documents in the MMAH awards

Overall the page is obviously popular judging by the posts, and it is apparent that Erin is doing the posting, which fans are responding to well.  However, the page is VERY busy, with a lot of doubling up of content which gets boring and repetitious for fans, who think, “oh excellent they have all this info” only to find that it is the same 😦  It also doesn’t seem that the page has it’s purpose set out, as to why fans should keep coming back, there isn’t a consistent theme through it apart from the promotion of Dawson Documents products (8 of the last 20 posts).  Also a concern would be that if Erin gets busy who does the posting, prehaps consider using a tool like Sendible.com to write posts in advance and schedule the posting of them.

If you have any comments on this page or would like your page reviewed tell me in the comments below.



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2 responses to “Facebook Friday: Dawson Documents

  1. Thanks so much- so much to consider and all great points. Thankyou for your time on this.

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