What is social bookmarking?

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Bookmarking is the topic today, because this bunny has only been using them for a short time loves them and wants to spread the word, to help you in your journey down the rabbit hole that is social media and the web in general.

What is bookmarking?

Basically when you land on a website page you like you can “bookmark” it, you are saving the page address online to refer to later, or share with friends.  You can choose if you want your bookmarks to be public or private to others.

Why use bookmarking?

1.  It saves time, if you are anything like me you surf around the net finding lots of articles that you think, I need to read, but don’t have time, I’ll come back to it.  In the old days (before I used bookmarking) I would print the article so I could come back to read it later, or I’d leave the tab open on my browser = 100s tabs open = slow internet!
2.   Saves trees
3.   You can share them with friends/work colleagues easily
4.   If your computer dies (as mine did last week) because they are saved online you still have them
5.   Means you don’t have a million webpages open at once (read point 1)

How do I bookmark?

There are lots and lots and lots of sites out there for social bookmarking, here are three.

Google bookmarks

The one I use is Google Bookmarks, mostly because I already have a Google gmail account set up and so it required no extra registering.  There is a short video on YouTube that explains more about how Google bookmarks work.

If you want to check out my bookmarks they are:

General Social Media Articles

Hopefully this will help you in your search around the web… let me know in the comments if you are using bookmarks


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