Facebook Friday: Twinkle Lily

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Facebook Friday this week looks at the Twinkle Lily Page.  Here is a screen shot of the landing tab.

What is working on the page:

  • The welcome tab clearly tells new visitors what Twinkle Lily does
  • Some good posts asking relevant questions of the “likers”
  • Good interaction between “likers” and posts
  • Telling “likers” about the new store is good as it engages customers
  • Lots of glowing reviews on the reviews tab, in fact some so glowing it makes this Rabbit question the genuineness of them….
  • Great number of people who like the page (922)
  • An app to give and receive virtual nappies has been developed, but there is no mention of it on the page, which is a shame as this is a good idea to promote the product

What could be improved:

  • URL Facebook.com/twinklelily should be changed to go to the page rather than Katerina’s personal profile, this will help with SEO and make it easier to direct visitors to the page
  • The welcome tab talks about a “fan” page, and now (as of April 20th) Facebook have changed it to “become a fan” to “like” the word fan should be changed to stop confusion – the reason Facebook have gone to “like” is that research shows that people are more likely to “like” a page than “fan” a page
  • Katerina (company owner) doesn’t seem to have a distinctive purpose for the page, the posts vary from her talking about her son being stung by a bee, to the water she is drinking, to her veggie patch, to how to cook fish.  All these are the kind of posts that should be kept to her personal profile.  Not that personal information shouldn’t be shared, but make it more relevant to the audience who are on the page, with over 900 “likers” not all of them will want this detail
  • Add the website URL to the text box under the profile picture to make it easy for people to get there, plus information on what products Twinkle Lily produces – for SEO
  • A lot more could be done with the profile picture, the size to work with is about 2.5 times longer than being used here (200 by 600 pixels), a nice picture could be developed showcasing all the products at once
  • The times are on the info tab, but no address, this seems rather odd.  There is obviously a store that can be visited, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to find you, so information like an address which saves them clicking through to the website is important.
  • Great that there is a news tab, but there is only 1 post and that was nearly a month ago.  If you are going to start a tab like this you need to keep it going
  • The photo gallery is not very well organised, there needs to be an album for each product range so that visitors do not need to look through 48 pictures to see what products are offered, but instead can choose to look at the nappies or other products.
  • Boxes tab has nothing new on it, just the reviews and discussion boxes which also have tabs, so I would either get rid of the boxes tab, or get rid of the individual tabs to clean it up and make it easier for people to find the info
  • Events tab – I would lose this, there hasn’t been an event for over 4 months, last year there was only 2, it tells me nothing about the brand or products.  Also remove the box from the wall, this is prime real estate that should be used for something more important
  • The networked blogs application has not been set up properly and does not go to the blog, plus there is only 1 post, again fix it or ditch it.  This is a shame as on the website there are a lot of blog posts, which could be engaging Facebook visitors and also be posting on the wall automatically
  • The discussions tab is obviously not used as there is 1 discussion point from over a year ago, to which Katerina hasn’t responded (not good).  Katerina could be using the discussion tab to talk about the topics which she is clearly interested in such as organic vegies.
  • The info tab should have information about who Twinkle Lily are and what they do, it needs to include keywords so that it helps with SEO and searches within Facebook – there are 27 page results for “cloth nappies” on Facebook, so there is competition.
  • Why not ask visitors which designs they like best, there is very little feedback on that happening
  • Apart from the home page there is very little info on what Twinkle Lily do, no product ranges, which is a HUGE missed opportunity

This page owner needs to focus on optimising what she has, and not over commit to things, clean up the page, add in keywords for SEO, show off the product more and keep up the fantastic engagement with visitors.  As usual an open & honest opinion from Social Rabbit, which will just make the page more professional, show off the products better and give a better user experience.

If you want to set Social Rabbit loose on your Facebook page tell me in the comments, until next time feel free to visit the Social Rabbit Page and give feedback!


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