I love the new Facebook Interaction

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Very very very excited today.  With the news on Thursday (22nd April 2010) of the new sharing of Facebook with other websites I didn’t really know what the implications would be for me as a user and brands.  But today I experienced it first hand while shopping at www.dvf.com, below are the screen shots of my experience…

 Shopping on DVF.com, liked this dress and I could share it using Facebook, so I clicked to share

Next after I’d agreed to share with the app I got this, which has a picture of the dress & a space to comment and I can add it to my wall

Now it’s on my Facebook wall 🙂

I’ve rated the dress for other visitors to see

Ok so why do I love it as a Facebook user?

  • I can ask my friends opinions on products/services before I buy
  • On the DVF website I can see if any of my other friends have liked it, and if they have I can check with them if they bought it (I don’t want the same dress as a friend if we live in the same town)
  • I feel I am really interacting with the brand
  • I feel that the brand knows me – that I like to ask my friends their opinion on my potential purchases
  • I feel that my brand is trendy and with it because they are using social media and making my life easy

Why I love it as a marketer..

  • Brand awareness – big time!  Now additional people (my customer’s friends) have seen the brand and the products which increases brand awareness and potentially sales
  • Gives quick stats on the website as to what designs/products people like, so it will help with forecasting demand and when trying to sell into retailers
  • I am helping my customers, in that they can easily ask their friends opinions of products
  • I am helping my customers as they can see what others have rated the item
  • It gives me feedback on designs in a type of crowdsourcing way that I can use for future collections
  • It gives the perception that my brand is up with social media trends

Well now I’m off to see who else has this on their sites, if you find one you love, please share it in the comments.  I am sure over the next few weeks we will see more and more websites add the social widgets that allow sharing and rating of products.  It’s an exciting week for consumers and brands alike.

P.S.  If anyone at www.dvf.com is reading this happy to have free dresses 🙂



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2 responses to “I love the new Facebook Interaction

  1. Great feedback article … but where is your ‘LIKE’ button 🙂 You can put it on the bottom of this article.

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