What’s not to like?

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

following on from yesterday’s excitement is news on the new social plugins you can add to your website 🙂  The screen shot below shows what you can add.

Slight issue was that the like button wasn’t working when I went to write this, so I can’t put the like on this post for you.

dding the like box was really easy to do, just go to this address within Facebook http://developers.facebook.com/plugins, choose the plugin you want to add.  If you want to add the like box then you need to know your Facebook page ID but you can follow the instructions in the link here, if you are like this bunny and not into this whole programming thing.

You will then end up getting your page “like box” html code that you can copy and paste into your website, as I have done on the Social Rabbit website.

If you are thinking what is she talking about the whole box isn’t on the Social Rabbit page, then you are right, I cropped my box down so that you only see the below, as I really only wanted the Like button, so this will do until that is fixed 🙂

 PS you can click on this image to go to the Facebook page!

So social media friends, a big shout out to Leigh who inspired today’s post.  Have you started “liking” yet?


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