Would you leave your guests at your party?

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

This Rabbit has been having a few D&M (deep and meaningful) sessions today reviewing our own social media strategy – something that even Rabbits have to do!  From it came parties….

So look at this scenario it’s my birthday on May 8th (if you are sending a present, check the contact us page for the address! ), I am having an afternoon tea party.  I have invited about 30 friends, the day of the party arrives, I get the drinks and cup cakes ready and at 3pm my friends arrive.  So why do my friends come to the party?  Because they “like” me and want to share my birthday with me. 

About 3.30pm on the day of the party I decide I don’t want to be there so I leave, I don’t tell anyone I just go…  But you’re thinking she’s the hostess and it’s her birthday and they are her friends, well yes, so what do my friends do?  Mingle for a while, but the small talk dries up quickly as there is little common ground (eg the birthday girl) and no one to facilitate the conversation.  After maybe 15 minutes people are asking where the birthday girl is… then after 30 minutes, they think this is weird and leave.  Next time they see me are they going to be friendly and polite?  Are they ever going to come to an event of mine again?  Will they trust me again not to leave?  Would you do this to your friends?  This Rabbit wouldn’t don’t worry.

Now imagine that your Facebook page is your party and your friends are those people who like your page.  Think about it…..  If you wouldn’t leave your friends at your party why would you set up your Facebook Page and then do nothing?  Do you think that’s ok?  Do you think those people are going to invest time in your page and trust you again?  Are they still going to be interested in your business/product/service?

Try looking at your page as a permanent party, and you are the permanent host/hostess, people who like your page are your guests – does that change your opinion of Facebook?  Does that change how you interact with people?  Does that change what you are doing with Facebook?

Facebook Pages vs Parties…. they are more similar than you realise

  • When you have a party you plan it, when you decide on a Facebook Page you should be planning it
  • When your friends give you gifts at a party you say thank you, think of their posts as gifts
  • When your friends ask you a question you answer, the same on your page wall
  • You decorate your place for a party, even if it’s just a clean – your page should look nice too
  • You are not rude to your friends, do the same on Facebook
  • You try and make your friends feel welcome, do the same on Facebook
  • You often provide entertainment at a party, how can you entertain on your page?
  • Sometimes there are party bags to take home, think about gifts such as ebooks

Until next time party people this Rabbit has a lot of partying to do.  If you know any good party tricks tell me in the comments


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