More reasons I love the new Facebook interaction

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

I am a self-confessed lover of the new Facebook “likes” and social plugins that came out in April 2010, it is just delicious for me as a consumer, as well as a marketer, I can see the world opening up into such a wonderful place (no, I’m not drunk!).

Here are more reasons I love it:

I went onto over the weekend to check out their like buttons, then went back today to show people and it remembered me – no clicking required 🙂

As a Consumer why?

– I feel special that they remembered me (even if I know it isn’t that a real person remembered me, it feels like the old days when you shopped local and people knew your name and said hello when you walked in)
– It makes my life easier to be able to update my Facebook page from here

As a Marketer why?

– The sites engages with the consumer EVERY visit!
– The site makes the consumer feel special and therefore puts them in a positive frame of mind
– It allows them to share important news with friends quickly and easily
– The plugin allows the consumer to see what their friends have been looking at, which keeps them up with what is important to their friends and gives them something incommon to share, eg that was so awful about x on CNN wasn’t it?

On the site I am even MORE excited, this to me is the ultimate in marketing, and will give you millions (ok well maybe not millions, but lots) of ideas that you could use on your site:

You can see here that Levi’s have got totally onboard the “like train”, asking you directly to declare your likes they have turned it into a campaign.  They have partnered with Facebook in a way that they claim is going to help you with “like-minded shopping”. 

I click through to the “Friends store” do you like that?  🙂 (if it’s early & you are only half awake I’ll explain – you have friends on your personal Facebook profile, so once again they have used the Facebook terminology).  I can see on the next screen which jeans everyone “likes” voted on (you can’t see the jeans in the screen shot they are above the  like buttons).  I then scroll down and see what everyone recently liked, it appears that none of my friends “like” Levi’s hence why I get this.  But the clincher for me on this is that I see upcoming birthdays!  I see that it is my friend Seb’s birthday on May 3rd, now if I was on a site that sold something he might “like” I might buy him a present there and then….

As a Consumer why?

– I am reminded of my friend’s birthdays and if it was a site with a gift that worked I would have bought it (but I don’t want to buy Seb jeans!)
– I like it that I can see which jeans are popular, for me I only buy one style, but if I was buying an item for a friend, or buying a non-clothing item I would look at this as a guide to what I choose
– If one of my friend’s had liked something I would (if I valued their dress sense/opinion) like it to, or buy it if it was right, either way I would look at it

As a Marketer why?

– I am engaging my customers right at the point of purchase
– I am getting onto their level showing them that I understand that they are into Facebook and I have made life easy for them
– I have shown them I care by prompting them of their friend’s birthday so that they don’t get repercussions for forgetting
– I have made it easy for them to buy items that they are unsure about by showing them what others are choosing
– The “like” voting on the jeans helps me to know which I should promote in the next newsletter/home page of the site to boost sales
– The “like” voting also helps me with stock control

So do you get it yet?  Can you see the power that Facebook has unleashed for marketers with the global web liking?   I think I can see where this is going next, addresses in Facebook accounts and credit cards/payment system linked to it so that you can on this Levi’s store buy it straight away, no more needing to add to a cart and check out, one or two clicks and it’s yours, plus you can choose which friend you want to send it to….  Imagine the possibilities…

Well this Rabbit has to go and have a lie down, all this excitement is too much!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments or tell me on the Facebook Page and apologies for not having a “like” button, I would if I could, but technical challenges mean I can’t, but soon, I have the warren onto it.



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4 responses to “More reasons I love the new Facebook interaction

  1. Seb

    Lol, I kinda do need a new pair though! I’m totally in love with the new like button too, am in the process of revamping one of my sites to take advantage of this. The levis site is a brilliant example!

  2. Thanks Seb, I forgot when I was writing this about the rip in the jeans… 😦 I look forward to seeing your new site with like buttons, I am sure I like it 🙂 groan….

  3. hello good information for face book. and define the power of face book. nice i really like it…..

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