Facebook Friday: The Atrium Cafe

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

It’s Facebook Friday again… today I look at The Atrium Cafe’s Page, see below.  This is a local business in Launceston, Australia which doesn’t have a website, this is it, so it needs to work hard for the cafe.

What’s working:

  • Great regular posting
  • It is a local Tasmanian business and the posts are aimed at the locals, which is great, they know who their audience are
  • Fantastic engagement with their customers, eg the post on Megan’s birthday saying they have a surprize for her.  It makes their customers feel special I’m sure
  • Lots of comments on what they are doing with other local businesses, eg Rotary, which a) gives them an endorsement and b) promotes Launceston
  • Enticing pictures of food that make you want to go & order it
  • Every comment is responded to
  • The reviews tab is very very positive with each person rather than just overall raving they are picking out the details that made it special for them

What could be improved:

  • There is no landing/welcome tab, so new visitors land straight on the wall, this should be added as it could be used to showcase the cafe and the food
  • There is no phone number for the Cafe, or any way to contact them other than visiting, big mistake… you need to make it as easy for people to contact you as you can. otherwise they won’t bother
  • The page has not got its username yet, this would help with SEO and make it easier to direct people to the page, so go to www.facebook.com/username to get it ASAP
  • The info box under the profile picture again is very empty, I get the impression that they are going for a simple look, but with no keywords in here they are missing out on SEO opportunities, especially as this is their web presence
  • In the info tab there are hardly any relevant keywords, these should be included for example: A friendly welcoming environment with delicious freshly made food… etc
  • Photo’s tab, I would add in albums, currently it is very boring, give people a reason to click on albums and sell the products through the images, eg The Cafe, I’d want to see what it looked like inside & out, lunch menu – take a picture and have it in the album with photos of the food also in the album, they could so the same for breakfast etc.
  • Take off the discussions tab they are not using it, and don’t really need to
  • Go with the notes tab for notes, instead of the notes box on the Boxes tab and the Notes tab.  It just cleans it up and makes it easy for people to find
  • The profile picture can be A LOT bigger there is 200 by 600 pixels to play with, so could have a montage of food shots.  The food shots are all great, but give people as idea of the range, also remember you can change this as often as you like
  • How about having a people who like only tab where they can print off coupons to bring in and use, it will encourage customers to visit and like the page and also encourage people to keep coming back
  • They need to make sure that they are promoting that they have a Facebook Page in the cafe so that people know to go and like the page
  • Use the poll app to engage customers further and get them involved in the food decisions, prehaps consider having a dish of the month/week that was voted on by the Page visitors, you could get them to offer suggestions and then put those suggestions in a poll
  • There is also nothing on the page about corporate catering, obviously this is something they offer, this could be an image on a FBML tab called catering

Overall a great page with lots of interaction, but it could be working harder for the business, a phone number on there would be the best thing if only 1 of these were implemented.

Until next time readers, remember if you have a page you want ideas for, ways to improve it and telling what is going wrong let me know in the comments or on our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/SocialRabbit


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