Facebook Friday: Learning with Magnatts

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today is Facebook Friday once again, where I review a Facebook page, today’s page is Learning with Magnatts.

 So what are they doing that is working and what could use a bit of help?

This is working

  • I am pleased to see that they have their unique URL
  • They have over 600 people who like the page
  • A nice touch wishing their likers happy birthday, that kind of thing stands up and gets noticed by people as has happened here
  • Good use of the discussion board, although prehaps use it to talk about people’s purchases, eg which is your favourite magnet that you bought, or have shopping dilemma’s such as which magnet is best for a girl aged 13 who is into ponies
  • Great initiative to add a review tab, but rather than leave it empty why not get at least 1 or 2 reviews up from friends, or incentivise people to write them by offering vouchers
  • Regular posting is good.
  • Love the post on April 29 giving an example of how to use the magnets, there should be more of this happening,


  • Get a landing tab people – I landed on the wall, and I have no idea what the page is all about, it’s very very cheap to get a tab (we are talking under $100), and you can even do it yourself!
  • Add in the http:// before the web address in the box under the picture so that the address hyperlinks
  • The logo is really small and doesn’t make use of the full 200 by 600 pixel space that can be used, this could be used to display products in
  • The post put up on May 3rd had an image that went to another tab on Facebook – the post was promoting free shipping – this image should have been of a product and should have gone directly to the website, I am guessing that’s where you can buy…
  • They could add a store to their Facebook page using a free app such as Vendor shopping cart giving people more options to buy will improve sales
  • The info tab contains nothing about the company, this needs to be filled in.  Look up keywords on Google and use them when writing the sentences on this tab, it helps with SEO massively.
  • They could do a lot more with their photos tab, why not create an album for each range and showcase the products
  • Try to engage customers in the posts, eg ask which design do you prefer this or this?  include images
  • Why not include a picture of children actually using the magnets, there is nothing to give visitors an idea of perspective in terms of size of the magnets
  • When mentioning the website in ANY post always put http:// so it hyper links, people are lazy/busy and don’t have time or can’t be bothered to copy and paste, make life easy for them!
  • There is quite a bit of repetition on the page in terms of very similar/exact posts on the same day, try to reduce the repetition as it may turn people off
  • Why not use the notes tab to suggest the best magnet for different children, eg by age, sex or interest, people can then subscribe to them and use it as a learning resource, plus in notes you can include photos in the note.  This would showcase the product as well as help your customers, and potentially encourage them to buy more as it would give them ideas on who to buy for

The Chief Rabbit can do this for your page – with more depth, it is now a service we offer for only A$250 (per page) with a written report of actions and suggestions, email Lara@SocialRabbit.net for more info or visit our Facebook Page.


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