Keywords are important in social media too

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Everyone talks about keywords in relation to websites, social media and social networks.  What are keywords?  For the newbies out there… Keywords are basically the words that people use when they are searching for something on internet search engines (eg  So if I was searching for a hairdresser in Mosman (where I live) I might put in: hairdresser Mosman, or Mosman hairdresser.  For a hairdresser in Mosman these would be “keywords” for them.

Google and other search engines, when they get a request will search websites for keywords that match what the searcher has put in, therefore the better the match the further up the page your site will appear in the results.  This is why when you have a website it is important that you include keywords in the text on your site as it helps with SEO (search engine optimisation).

The same SEO on websites is used for social networking sites, eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  It is therefore important that you know what your keywords are and more importantly include them on your profile/page.

To find out what your keywords should be there are two options:
1) Put yourself in your customers shoes and say if I was looking for my product or service what would I search under?
2) Use the Google keyword tool! (note: this isn’t the only tool out there, it is just the one I use)

So once you have your list of keywords, it may be long….  You can see how popular a certain keyword is, and therefore if you include that keyword, you will be up against a lot of competition to get ranked highly on the search results – that doesn’t mean don’t include it!  It just means do not just include the top one on the list and think – Yeah I’m done!  Below is an example of the top 10 most popular keywords I have identified for Social Rabbit.  You can see that 1680 million searches are done per month on the term Facebook, so in reality I need to do more than just include Facebook in my text.  You will be able to see local (your country) and global search which is helpful if you only offer your porduct or service locally, plus the advertiser competition if you are looking at advertising – the closer to 1 the higher the competition.  Another point to note is that people make typos when searching – that doesn’t mean you include typos on purpose, as often search engines will correct the typos by saying “did you mean…”

Keywords Advertiser Competition Local Search Volume: March Global Monthly Search Volume
facebook 1 37200000 1680000000
social media 1 49500 1220000
facebook page 0.93 -1 1000000
facebook help 0.8 -1 74000
facebook create a page 0 -1 40500
social media business 0.73 -1 33100
facebook class 0.4 -1 27100
facebook page business 0 -1 22200
facebook sydney 0.4 -1 18100
facebook com a 0.53 -1 18100

So you now have your list of keywords, in Social Rabbit’s case that is 93… so now I just list them all in my profile right?  WRONG!!!!  That is SEO suicide!  Search engines like to see the keywords used in sentences not just listed (they’re not stupid you know!).  For example if my keyword is “facebook help” I may write: Social Rabbit offers services on a wide range of social networks including Facebook help.  Can you see how I have included it in a sentence? (maybe not the best sentence in the world…)

So you can see keywords are actually useful, they don’t just clutter up the page, but they add to your content.  You need to be including these keywords in your info tab on your Facebook page – all of you who have nothing on that tab (you know who you are) you are missing out!  Also include them in your info box under your profile pic on your Facebook page, in your LinkedIn profile description and in your Twitter profile.

The secret to keywords is make it look natural, you know when you meet someone who dresses wonderfully and you comment on it, they say “oh this old thing I just threw it on…” that’s how your keywords should appear in sentences, natural, easy to read and part of the sentence – NOT STICKING OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB!

If anyone has any other tips and tricks please share them in the comments or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.


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