One way to find out what social networks your contacts are on…

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

I think that deep down everyone is a bit nosy… they like to see what other people are up to.  This new website lets you find out what social networks your contacts are using/registered on.  But why do you want to know that?

  • To copy what they are doing because you admire them
  • To know how to contact them
  • To know where to NOT go to avoid them
  • To connect with them

I signed for a free 5 day account with Flowtown this week to see what it was all about, as yes I was curious, what were my contacts up to…  With the free account you can upload up to 50 contacts (they don’t tell you this in the FAQs, to be honest there isn’t much info at all on the site – if you are reading this Flowtown you should fix it up otherwise you will lose potential customers).

I uploaded my 800 odd contacts from Outlook (downloaded them to a CSV file then uploaded them), all you need is the email address for each contact.  However you need to bear in mind that the email address you have may NOT be the email address that they use to access social networks.  For example if you know someone professionally and have their work email address, they may also have a gmail address that they use for social networking – this isn’t fool proof, and again Flowtown don’t mention this.

Basically how it works is that Flowtown checks the email address with the various social networks (no I don’t know which ones, they don’t say – seeing a theme here yet?).  Then reports back a list of what each person is connected to.  Below is the dashboard you get after you have imported your contacts.

Note: I have covered up my contacts email addresses, just in case!

As you can see above it doesn’t look as if many of my contacts are using social media and yet I know that they are – this is when the email address is different.  You can also see their Twitter influence by Klout in the little white boxes on the right, this is basically how active they are on Twitter, how many people follow them, Klout’s definition is the “ability to drive people to action”…. 15 minutes later after playing on Klout, I have decided I will write a blog post on this later, it’s fascinating!

Back to Flowtown, you can look at your contacts with the insights tool, see below, so I can see of the 37 contacts who imported properly (some didn’t make it!) 10% are on Facebook, 14% are on LinkedIn etc.  I can also see the age of my contacts, gender and location.

Well my overall thoughts on this are… it’s sounds cool and funky, and fun to play with, but in reality might not be quite so useful, it gives you a chance to stickybeak (that’s Aussie for being nosy) into what your friends/colleagues/contacts are on, but only IF you have the right email from them.  To give an example, I use mostly the one email address, but it depends on the network, what it’s for and how I am using it.  So buyer be aware!

Just so you know if you want to import more contacts after your first 50 it costs from 4c a contact, plus a monthly fee.  You can use it set up autoresponders connected to Twitter and Emails, but why bother?  There are a lot of better tools out there to use.

On a final note I typed in my own email address, only to find out that I am male, aged 18-24 and living in Australia.  I guess one out of 3 isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend trusting it for business!

If you’ve used Flowtown tell me how it’s worked for you below or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.



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7 responses to “One way to find out what social networks your contacts are on…

  1. Patrick

    Good analysis of Flowtown. I’ve considered it, but for the reasons you’ve stated I decided it wasn’t worth it. Additionally, it requires you to upload your customer list to a third party. While this may be fine because of Flowtown’s privacy policy, we hold our customer’s info as sacred and tell them we won’t use it except to email them. Make sure you aren’t breaking your promise to your customer by using this, or similar, tools.

    • Thanks Patrick, yes that is another reason why some people may feel uncomfortable using a site like this.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Great point. We know customer list’s are a most prized possession and take extreme precaution when it comes to protecting them.

      Obviously there are many ways to discover if your customers are on a particular social network, we just streamline the process.

      Ethan Bloch

  2. Thanks for testing for ‘us’. I was thinking about it but like Patrick said had concerns about uploading my database to a third party. I think there are other creative/fun ways to encourage your database to follow you on twitter or facebook.

  3. Hi there!

    Glad you found the service neat, but said you found it not useful 😦

    We’re working refining some existing features and launching some new ones that really let you utilize all the social data we aggregate on your customers.

    In regards to the inaccuracy with your email address, was it a non-US email address?

    We’re working on making our system better with non-US email addresses. I can dig a bit deeper and find out exactly why we were wrong if you to send me your email address -> ceo (at) flowtown .com


    Ethan Bloch

    • Hi Ethan,
      Yes it was a non-US email address, which is why it only got the Australia bit right (I think it was the that gave that away!). I understand what you are trying to do, but there is just not enough info on your site, people try to use it, then it doesn’t work and they leave, whereas if you were up front with what it can and cannot do that would be more helpful. Just a Rabbit’s opinion.


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