Facebook Friday: Magnetstreet Weddings

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

It’s Facebook Friday again, this week I am reviewing Magnetstreet Wedding’s Facebook page with 273 people who like it.  These guys are based in USA and it’s nice to have a business from a different country involved.

What’s working?

  • Fantastic to see that they have their unique URL
  • I love that you can request a sample in a box on the wall, but why not also have this mentioned on the info tab – make it easy for people, you don’t want them missing it
  • The design contest is fantastic!  A great way to engage your audience and the outside world, plus it has had over 30,000 poll votes!  My only negative on this is why isn’t it promoted elsewhere?  As you will see from your Facebook insights, not everyone clicks on every tab
  • Good question on strapless gowns that has good comments
  • Good responding to comments made by the page admins

What could be improved?

  • I landed on their wall, but I have NO idea as to what they do, I see some nice looking cards, but the info box, tells me absolutely nothing…..  This has to be fixed up.  Currently Facebook is only offering 2 options for new visitors to a page, the wall or info tab, no more welcome landing tab 😦 so it is even more important that this box is filled in.  If the landing tab option changes, I will let you know
  • The info tab, tells me that they do wedding stationary, but it hardly contains any keywords, what is so great about this wedding stationary vs. another companies?
  • I don’t know where this company are based… well I do because of the phone number it’s the US, but where?  This may impact people’s decisions, plus do you ship overseas?  There are a couple of countries outside of the US! 🙂
  • There is next to nothing in the company overview, remember social networking is all about adding a human angle to a company.  Tell us when it started, where it’s based what it can do for customers
  • I can subscribe to the Bride Vibe which is good, but what is it?  I am guessing an enewsletter?  But it might not be, try to look at everything from the view point of an outsider, and if you’re not sure ask someone who knows nothing what they think you mean.  Remember people are busy, they don’t have time to second guess what you mean, make it easy
  • Looking at the reviews in the boxes tab it seems that these guys do more than just wedding invitations, so why isn’t this made more of?  Why not have whole tab using FBML to show people what can be done
  • The reviews apparently come from a site called Wedding Wire, so why not include that site in the information tab – make it easy for people
  • They have a big area (180 by 540) for the profile picture, why not use it to show off more of the products
  • What about including the blog feed onto a tab using the networkedblogs application so that people can easily read it, at the moment an RSS feed is posting the blogs onto the wall, but with networked blogs they would post onto the wall and have then all on one tab
  • They could add the notes tab and have notes of collections that people have ordered, lots of people need visuals to understand what can be done
  • There is too much posting of just links/rss feeds without any conversation going on.  They need to be communicating more by asking questions, making suggestions.  The best way to do this is monitor what is and isn’t working by counting the number of comments and likes different posts get and then focus more on those ones which are getting the results, but also ask the likers what they would like to see
  • There are some great save the date widgets on the website, could these be changed into app’s that people can download and add to their personal profile?  It would help spread the word about the company and add value to brides
  • There are other free tools on the website, such as computer screen wallpaper, these should be promoted on the Facebook page, so that people get more value from the page, rather than just info on the product
  • They could incorporate another poll asking people to vote on their favourite designs, this gives people an idea of what designs are available, or ask visitors which products they used for their wedding day

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One response to “Facebook Friday: Magnetstreet Weddings

  1. great review thanks! it has given me a few ideas for my own Facebook page. 🙂

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