Adding a Blog to your Facebook Page

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of Social Media.

This week a friend of mine – Kirsty Dunphey asked me how she could add her blog to her Kirsty Dunphey Weekly Newsletter Facebook page, she’d tried and failed, I suggested she use the Networkedblogs app and sent her the link, thinking that’s that and got on with my day.  However a short time later I got another email saying the link wouldn’t work.  Now Kirsty is pretty switched on with technology and it made me think if she is having issues what about all of you out there who aren’t switched on?  This post is for you, and the Kirsty’s of the world who may need assistance.

So you have a blog – it can be on any platform, eg wordpress, blogger etc.  Here is the step by step guide to adding it to your Facebook page.  If you aren’t a words person and would prefer to watch, I’ve made a YouTube video of it as well.

  1. Open Facebook and login
  2. Go to
  3. Click on ADD TO MY PAGE under the picture on the left hand side
  4. Choose your page from the box and click add: then close when you have added it to all the pages you need
  5. Go to your Facebook page, click on EDIT MY PAGE and go into the back end of your page
  6. Find the Networkedblogs app in the list, click on APPLICATION SETTINGS
  7. Select ADD so that it reads: tab added
  8. Click on the ADDITIONAL PERMISSIONS tab and tick the box which says publish to my wall – this means that every time you post a blog on your blog it will feed onto your blog tab on your page and add a post to your page wall.  Then click OKAY
  9. Click on EDIT under the Networkedblogs app
  10. Click on REGISTER A BLOG
  11. Type in the name of your blog, this can be anything it won’t be seen by others it is just for your record, so that if you have more than one you know what each one is
  12. Type in the URL of your blog, this will be the website address you usually give out to people
  13. Type in three topics that are most relevant to your blog, so if you write on small business topics you might choose: small business/solo businesses/business owners
  14. Choose English as your language unless you write in another!
  15. Fill in the description box, ie what is your blog about then click NEXT
  16. If you get an error message saying that they can’t find your feed then you need to type it in.  Usually it will be:  No error go to step 17
  17. You will now be asked if your are the author of the blog, choose YES or NO.  Note: you can import blogs which aren’t yours, so don’t think that this is a trick question!
  18. If you aren’t the author and have said NO, the next screen will ask you who is, if they are a Facebook friend of yours you can fill this in, if not then click SKIP
  19. You will then arrive at this screen This is confirming that your blog is in and ready to go! (This is an example where I have chosen Seth Godin’s blog, it’s a goodie, click on it to go to it)
  20. Next go to your Facebook Page again and click on EDIT MY PAGE
  21. Find the Networkedblog application in the list and click on EDIT
  22. You will now see your blog on a table like this: Here you can see I have five blogs listed, you need to tick the boxes of the blogs you’d like to feed onto your page, you can have more than one.
  23. Once you have chosen your blogs you need click to grant permission to publish the blog to your page – this is point 2 on the page, if you don’t then nothing will appear
  24. Then finally hit SAVE
  25. Go to the front of your Facebook page and the blog tab should be there, if you can’t see it then click on the >> at the end of your page tabs, it should be listed there.  Check that it is working and looking good and you are all done!

Now there is no excuse to link up your blog onto your Facebook page….  Tell me in the comments when you’ve done it as I’d love to see what people are doing.



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2 responses to “Adding a Blog to your Facebook Page

  1. I will give it a go, have been thinking that this is my next step, it has been a Big step(many actually) over the last three months learning to use Facebook as I incorporate it into my business profile.

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