Free Facebook reminders….

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today I am on my soap box, but you ALL will benefit.  First a question….

Lets see how you all end up voting… results will follow.

I am very interested to see what the results say, because this Rabbit thinks that the reason is a lack of consistency due to no consistency in terms of posting and activity in general on the network.  The business starts out really fired up, but then this doesn’t continue, instead they get busy with other activities and their social media activities become a bit of an after thought… is this you?

You may not have a social media strategy which may be why this has happened, in which case you need to get one!

If you have a strategy but just aren’t consistent then it is Super Rabbit to the rescue!

For 7 days we will send you an email a day with a reminder and a tip of the day for your Facebook page, you can sign up whenever you like for FREE, just click on this link  If you are not on Facebook you can still access the tips, the link just takes you to a sign up form.

I hope you take the opportunity to get info from the Chief Rabbit sent to you, it will help you to get your page firing.  We are just trialing this for 7 days, but if everyone loves it we will look at keeping it going.

Tell me what you think about this in the comments, is it going to be helpful?



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  1. Hey, nice site you got here! Keep up the excellent job!

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