Web 3.0…. (yes 2 is nearly over!)

Good evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today this Rabbit went to a web 3.0 conference about the future of social media, it’s a two day conference, today was full of insights that I thought I would share with you…

First of all I wanted to share with you the Social Rabbit cupcakes that a friend made for us to give the delegates to promote Social Rabbit, ps they were yum…

Before I start you are probably thinking what the heck is web 3.0 I’ve only just realised what 2.0 is…  Good question, ok here it is

Web 1.0: Static websites, telling people information
Web 2.0: Listening to customers
Web 3.0: C0-creating with customers

Nick Love from Fox Interactive Media

  • 78% of the internets population are engaging in social media
  • The social web of the future will be more intuitive
  • Reputation is a currency (as in your personal or your brand or business) both on and offline
  • He tips reputation tools as increasing due to everyone wanting to be king of the hill
  • Advertisers can no longer just insert ad’s they need to be inserting content (we know this of course!)
  • He believes in the internet of 1, as in sites will become tailored through content to be specific each person as the web becomes more intuitive and shows you information based on what you like and are interested in
  • Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc are just distribution networks for content (I like this idea, as it is saying that they are just vehicles to get your message in and out)

Mark Higginson from Nielsen

He sees 6 trends in the future of social media and web 3.0

  • Consumers connecting more
  • Enabled mobility continues to grow (ie smartphones – did you know 43% of Australian’s have a smartphone, which means they can go onto the internet?)
  • web 3.0 will redefine business models – because of the consumer involvement
  • Engaged consumers – because of involvement
  • New currencies are being created, eg reputation and attention
  • Privacy (an ongoing issue I suspect!)

Michael Kordahi from Microsoft

  • People crave experiences
  • It’s those with influence online who drive traffic eg sites such as Mashable.com rather than magazines
  • People will choose to conform than be wrong – I am not sure about this one….
  • With devices think about the social implications of them, not just how you personally use them, but how they will be shared and therefore the content on them shared
  • He has developed an interesting website called Blind Search basically he wanted to see if people are using search engines based on brand, eg Google, or if they are using them based on the best results, so on here you can search for something and get the results from bing, Google and Yahoo and then see which you prefer… FYI Google is still ranking top with 39%

Marc Lehmann from Saasu.com

  • The data lives on the web
  • Getting relevance right gives you attention
  • Try to identify why people spend time in different websites, eg gaming sites and try to replicate that on your site to engage them

Karen Ganschow from Telstra

  • The internet is word of mouth on steroids
  • Consumers want brands that reflect their values and ethics
  • Social media in a large organisation is all about setting the guidelines, training your team and trusting them to do a good job

Nick Holmes a Court from Buzz Numbers

  • 2.3 million Australians have created a blog, but only 1.6 million update it
  • Taronga Zoo measures their performance by the number of photo’s uploaded online of people’s visits to the zoo
  • Ford uses social media to measure demand, so if a lot of people in one area start talking about a particular model they will check stock levels!
  • Look at where people are talking about your and your business to understand where you should be

Darren Sharp from Darren Sharp Consulting

  • Influence your audience through – story telling, rites of passage
  • Give members recognition for achievements in the group
  • Social media is self directed, ie you the consumer decide where you go and what you are going to do/read/comment on etc.

As you can see from the notes above there was a lot going on, hopefully this will give you a tiny insight, tell me what your thoughts are below or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.



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3 responses to “Web 3.0…. (yes 2 is nearly over!)

  1. Fantastic information. So glad you passed on this information. Very helpful. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

  2. Hi Lara

    Thanks for the comments on my presentation today from Web 3.0 and the future of social media.

    BuzzNumbers is excited to be helping companies generate actionable insights from the explosion of online conversations.


    Look forward to catching up soon!


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