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Facebook Friday: Eezypeezy

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world social media.

Welcome to a new Social Rabbit type of blog – Facebook Friday, where each Friday this bunny will review a Facebook Page as to what is working and what could be improved.  Beware the bunny is very honest…

Today’s page is Eezypeezy:fun and gorgeous wall stickers.

Eezypeezy wall stickers


What’s working well:

  • The page name clearly tells potential fans what they are
  • Fantastic fan interaction
  • Great interaction from the admins – most fan comments are responded to
  • Good that the page allows fans to post and shows both fan and page posts in one stream on the wall
  • Good initial fan growth for 11 days, however now the challenge comes 🙂

Potential improvements:

  • The profile picture box can actually be 200 by 600 pixels, so a lot of space is being wasted that could be used to draw more attention to the products, as the current picture is quite cluttered
  • Include the website address in the info box under the profile pic (use http:// so that it hyperlinks) also check for typos 🙂
  • Drive traffic to the website in the info box with the free sample offer
  • Add a welcome landing tab to make it easier to for potential fans to understand the product, and give a more profession image
  • There doesn’t seem to be regular posting happening, this is a new page, I would suggest that the posting is planned a bit more
  • What would be the keywords that the product would be searched under?  I would say that decoration would come in there, the info tab needs to include these keywords in the text to help with optimising it
  • Anytime the website is written always include http:// so it hyperlinks and therefore makes it easier for people to go to it
  • Encourage fans to write a review on the tab
  • Spell and grammar check everything written by the admin before posting to avoid typos, as it looks unprofessional
  • Get the unique URL for the page (once you have 25 fans you can do this), it is important as it can be used in all your marketing materials to drive fans to the page
  • The page has been going since March 30th, which means 2 Friday’s have passed, but no sign of a freebee (as promised), consider when promising things, you need to deliver or lose people
  • Sell the stickers from the page using the storefront app
  • Comment on fan photos, there are 6 uploaded on here, by the party consultant, but no recognition for it.  Fans like to be recognised for what they do so that they feel special.
  • Regularly change the profile picture so that fans see the whole product range
  • Include questions in the posts to encourage more interaction

If you would like the Chief Rabbit to review your Facebook page, please let us know in the comments box below, or on the Social Rabbit Page.



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