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Facebook Friday: Active Management

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today’s Facebook Friday reviews a service business – Active Management, a business consultancy firm.

What’s Happening on the Page now

  • 325 people like the page
  • The page has been going since August 11th 2009

What’s working:

  • Great landing tab using video
  • Good regular posting
  • Great that they have the URL www.Facebook.com/activemanagement
  • The slideshare tab has a number of great presentations on it, however I am a little confused as to why presentations by people other than Active Management are on there


  • The info tab basically contains nothing!  This is a huge missed opportunity, it needs to be rich with keywords explaining what the service is and about the company.  Even though there is not that much space in which to write text there is currently nothing about the business.
  • Look at increasing the size of the profile pic (there is 180 wide by 540 pixels high to play with) to include an image/s as well to make it stand out more
  • Use the thumbnail tool for the thumbnail pic, so that you are not just getting “ctiv” but something more interesting, baring in mind that this needs to standout in likers newsfeeds
  • The welcome tab, although it is interesting I didn’t get the same message as the info box “We are Australia’s only fitness consultancy who has been a personal trainer, sales person, manager and owner! We understand your challenges.  We provide you the tools to make your business profitable.”  As a result I am left feeling rather confused I got the impression it was about business coaching….
  • Although the posting is regular it isn’t engaging people, there is one guy who comments every now and again, but that is more or less it.  The posts need to be more interesting and engaging, instead of just stating facts/articles.  Ask questions, check out the blog post on Power Posting.  Make it easy for people to respond to posts, give them either or options, ask easy questions.
  • There are a lot of tabs on this page, and I suspect that many aren’t being viewed, it would be a good idea to check these out at www.facebook.com/insights and see where people are going and then tidy it up
  • The discussion tab hasn’t been used for 6 months, so I would suggest use it or lose it
  • The reviews tab – there are no reviews, so either get someone to write one or two or get rid of the tab, it makes it look like there is nothing good to say!
  • There is nothing on the notes tab, again use it or lose it
  • The “we read” tab has obviously been added and the page admin has thought I’ll come back later and modify this and hasn’t.  This is not a good reflection on the business, it adds to the slight feeling of confusion
  • There is a tab called Active Mgmt which has EVENTS, BLOG and MEET JUSTIN TAMSETT.  There is nothing in the events section, so there is not much point of having that if it isn’t used.  The blog is good, but you can’t subscribe to it there and then, you need to go to the box on the wall to subscribe – Facebook are getting rid of boxes, so it would be better if people could subscribe where the blog is.  The meet Justin section could easily be included in the info tab.  This tab is I am guessing created by Thinktank Media, because they have branded it, I would think about this, it gives the impression that Active Management and Thinktank Media are related, I don’t know if they are or not.  But this tab is doing nothing for me, and should be ditched and replaced with a blog tab using an app such as Networkedblogs.  Plus this tab is recommended viewing on the welcome tab, but I think it is disappointing in content
  • Check typos when posting
  • On the wall 30 minute sales training events are mentioned, these should be added to the events tab if that is going to be used
  • There are a number of favourite pages mentioned, so what about using the notes tab to show how Active Management have helped these fitness club, in a kind of mini case study on each one
  • How about including interviews with clients and having client testimonials on the Youtube tab
  • There are tips on the website, but these could be incorporated into the Facebook page as well, even having something like a tip a day for 7 days, this will keep people coming back to the page, and encourage new people to like the page
  • Encourage visitors to tell their story of what they have experienced in their club
  • Perhaps have a q&a section on the page once a week for visitors to ask Justin questions
  • Invite celebrity posts, eg someone who has been running a club for 10 years to give a top tip and then someone who has been running one for year.
  • There are a few call outs for more fans/likers, but give people a reason to join – there are free ebooks on the website offer them these, don’t assume that people are going to spend time finding them


The Active Management page has all the info in there, but there needs more consistency in terms of message.  Having poked around on the page for about 30 minutes I know think that it is all about business consultancy to the fitness industry, I knew nothing of Active Management before.  However when I first arrived on the page this was not the impression I got, and to be honest I am still a little confused.  I think that there is too much reliance on the visitor clicking onto the website for more info, which if they don’t get it from the Facebook Page they just won’t do.

The page needs to position Active Management as an expert in their field with useful tips, comments and articles.  At the moment it isn’t doing this effectively, as it isn’t clear enough.

Did you love this review? You can get your page reviewed by the Chief Rabbit for only $49.95, just email info@SocialRabbit.net



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Good Examples of Real Estate on Facebook

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today I want to start a new section of this blog, each week I will choose a different industry and give you a variety of examples of what businesses in that industry are doing on Facebook.  My hope is that it will give you ideas for your business and inspire you to build your page.

1) Houlihan Lawrence in the USA, the page is not huge – they have 475 people who like it.  They have a fantastic landing tab, which gives you information on the agency, information on house prices in different areas, plus you can use the search to check out different areas – this takes you straight to their website.  They have added YouTube to the page, the videos are all house tours, which I think is a clever way to use what they are already producing in social media.

2) Miami Beach Real Estate in the USA, this page has 3111 people who like it.  Once again they have a great landing tab that means you can started looking at property right away, plus there are two other tabs; one which gives you a market snapshot of the area, so you have an idea of how many listings there are a week and what you can get for your money – the clever thing about this is that it is transparent, giving people the information that they need right up front so they don’t have to search for it, therefore making their life easier.  The second tab allows you to search more in depth into properties, again making the buyers life easier.  The other thing to notice on this page is that there are very very few posts promoting properties, instead it is market information and local news.  Obviously this works really well as there is a lot of comments from page visitors.

3) Altitude Real Estate in Western Australia have 7567 people who like it.  These guys rather than push real estate have made a community hub offering discounts from other businesses, prizes to be won, and encouraging other businesses to post offers on the wall.  This is a really good use of customer engagement via Facebook, they are not selling or pushing their services, but instead making themselves synonymous with the community, where you live is part of that.

4) Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate in USA have 1341 people who like the page.  They are using the events tab really well, to promote their events, such as talks on the market, but also to promote events happening in the community.  It would be better if they included a nice image for each one, but there were very few pages I looked at that in Real Estate who were actually using the events tab.  It is a great way to promote what is coming up, and you can invite your readers along, including those NOT on Facebook.  It also shows that you involved in the community, which people like to see.

5) Nexus Real Estate in Western Australia only have 209 people who like their page, but it still has a lot of information for readers.  I particularly like this tab which they have put an RSS feed onto of the discounts that you get through being a Nexus customer.  They are promoting other businesses, showing that they are involved in the community and giving people a reason to use them.

Today you have seen five ideas you can implement on your page, if you are in real estate or another industry a lot of it is transferable.  Next week I will look at another industry, if you want to suggest one please tell me in the comments below or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.

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Facebook Welcome/Landing tabs are a MUST!

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Every Friday I review a different Facebook page, and nearly every week I say “get a landing tab”.  You may be fed up of me saying this, but IT IS IMPORTANT….  Yes I know you were planning to get to it next week, but there is no time like the present.  For those who are confused a landing/welcome tab is the place you decide you want non-likers to your page to land and it tells them quickly what your page is about.

I have always been a HUGE advocate of  the landing/welcome tab, but now finally I have some evidence to hold up in the air and wave at you all.  Below is a quote from a social media company Brandglue.

“We ran an A/B test just four weeks ago to guesstimate the efficacy of a landing tab.  We drove visitors to the fan page of a major brand using ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. When we turned off the landing tab, those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23%. A VERY noticeable loss in conversions over the course of the campaign.”  Jeff Widman from Brandglue May 2010

Are you convinced now?

Now I have your attention you may say but what do I put on it?  Below are some examples (click on the image to go straight to their page), basically the world is your oyster go wild.

WIN PRIZES TrueBlood TV show, on the welcome tab you can register to win the ultimate fan experience.

REWARDS Starbucks – you can check your rewards card or sign up for one.

QUIZ’S ABC News – gives you a reason to like the page and engages you straight away.

GAMES McDonalds engages visitors with a game

FREE DOWNLOADS Smirnoff gives people a reason to click like

DIRECT PEOPLE TO STORES Cold Stone Creamery has a bright image that you just can’t ignore, plus you can click to find your nearest store from it.  Plus below the image they encourage comments from people on what they think of the favor.  I am guessing that they change their image monthly.

SIGN UP – Social Rabbit offers people a simple landing tab which explains what we do and allows them to sign up for the enewsletter.

Hopefully all these images have given you some good ideas of what you can do on your page.  Remember it doesn’t need to be complex, bright and simple works well, but you can link it through to your website or your newsletter sign up.  You can do your own landing tab in FBML or for very little you can pay a designer to do one for you.  You can change the tab as often as you like.

If you have a cool landing tab I’d love to see it, put the link to your page in the comments below or on the wall of the Social Rabbit page so we can check it out.


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Facebook Friday: I Give A Buck

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today’s Facebook Friday page is a charity called I Give a Buck! Foundation of Australia Ltd.  Their mission is to raise $100k a year for disadvantaged Aussie kids.

What’s working:

  • They have their username – tick 🙂
  • Regular posting (daily by the looks of it)
  • Good commenting when others comment
  • The video is great, there should be more of these types of videos, or even use the content from the video (the facts) on the page

What to Improve:

  • The website address in the text box under the logo needs to have http:// so that it hyperlinks, however they have put it next to their founded date as well, so maybe they should save the space in the text box and use it to explain more about what they are doing using keywords.
  • There are numerous typos (text and numbers) in the text box and on the info tab, not a good look
  • The logo gets lost on the page, as the text is very small and it doesn’t really give a good idea of what they do, prehaps put a picture of a child that they have helped and the amount of money it took, to give people a real idea of what it is all about
  • Get a landing/welcome tab, I say this EVERY week, but no one listens to me 😦  IT makes a MASSIVE difference, you could ask people to donate straight off the landing page and link it back to your site, you could have a newsletter sign up box on there and include the video that is on the side of the page
  • The page posts don’t engage people enough, there aren’t many comments, they need to be asking questions, talking about the children that they are raising money for, getting opinions and basically getting people involved.
  • The posts on the page also assume that people know what is going on, for example, the post on the entertainment books, when posting don’t assume that people know anything and help them out
  • There is nothing on the discussions tab, so either start a discussion or ditch it
  • There is a poster for Penny’s appeal on the website, this should be included in the photo album on Penny to help people understand more about it
  • The boxes tab and the notes tab contain exactly the same information, so I would get rid of the boxes tab and keep the notes tab.  The notes tab could be used for an ongoing update on the appeals
  • Could you add a store tab to the page so people can donate straight from the page using paypal?
  • Videos are a very powerful medium with this kind of charity, why not use video to pull at people’s heart-strings?  maybe a parent testimonial
  • The priority kids program is mentioned on a post, but there is nothing else about it, I think what confuses me on this page, and the website is that it talks about giving a buck to an appeal of your choice on the website and that their aim is to change the life of children, but in actual fact there is only one running for Penny.  I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but why not focus people’s effort on that appeal and change the profile picture and info box to reflect this, if there is only going to be one child supported at the time then focus on that one rather than making it generic.
  • If the goal is $100k a year, why not have a tally ongoing, either in the form of an app or just written in the info box, so people can see clearly what has been achieved and that they are making a difference
  • What about creating a virtual gifting app that people pay for and the money all goes to the foundation
  • Maybe make it more visual as to what has been achieved, with a photo of the item the money is being raised for but blank out part of the item and as more money is raised more of the item is revealed.
  • What about telling people how you actually decide which children you fundraise for?  Can people nominate children?
  • Try posting on other relevant pages to encourage traffic back to the page, eg go to children’s products pages or parenting pages

Obviously charities are up against a lot of competition for people’s cash, so the challenge is to make it easy for people to donate, so this needs to be looked at, and also make it easy for people to understand what their money goes towards.  Do not assume that people will go to the website to find out, make it easy for them.

Hopefully this blog post will help I Give A Buck to increase the number of visitors to their page.  If you have any other suggestions for them please post them on their Facebook page, or the Social Rabbit page.  If you’d like your page reviewed by the Chief Rabbit please comment below or on the Facebook page.


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Facebook Friday: The Atrium Cafe

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

It’s Facebook Friday again… today I look at The Atrium Cafe’s Page, see below.  This is a local business in Launceston, Australia which doesn’t have a website, this is it, so it needs to work hard for the cafe.

What’s working:

  • Great regular posting
  • It is a local Tasmanian business and the posts are aimed at the locals, which is great, they know who their audience are
  • Fantastic engagement with their customers, eg the post on Megan’s birthday saying they have a surprize for her.  It makes their customers feel special I’m sure
  • Lots of comments on what they are doing with other local businesses, eg Rotary, which a) gives them an endorsement and b) promotes Launceston
  • Enticing pictures of food that make you want to go & order it
  • Every comment is responded to
  • The reviews tab is very very positive with each person rather than just overall raving they are picking out the details that made it special for them

What could be improved:

  • There is no landing/welcome tab, so new visitors land straight on the wall, this should be added as it could be used to showcase the cafe and the food
  • There is no phone number for the Cafe, or any way to contact them other than visiting, big mistake… you need to make it as easy for people to contact you as you can. otherwise they won’t bother
  • The page has not got its username yet, this would help with SEO and make it easier to direct people to the page, so go to www.facebook.com/username to get it ASAP
  • The info box under the profile picture again is very empty, I get the impression that they are going for a simple look, but with no keywords in here they are missing out on SEO opportunities, especially as this is their web presence
  • In the info tab there are hardly any relevant keywords, these should be included for example: A friendly welcoming environment with delicious freshly made food… etc
  • Photo’s tab, I would add in albums, currently it is very boring, give people a reason to click on albums and sell the products through the images, eg The Cafe, I’d want to see what it looked like inside & out, lunch menu – take a picture and have it in the album with photos of the food also in the album, they could so the same for breakfast etc.
  • Take off the discussions tab they are not using it, and don’t really need to
  • Go with the notes tab for notes, instead of the notes box on the Boxes tab and the Notes tab.  It just cleans it up and makes it easy for people to find
  • The profile picture can be A LOT bigger there is 200 by 600 pixels to play with, so could have a montage of food shots.  The food shots are all great, but give people as idea of the range, also remember you can change this as often as you like
  • How about having a people who like only tab where they can print off coupons to bring in and use, it will encourage customers to visit and like the page and also encourage people to keep coming back
  • They need to make sure that they are promoting that they have a Facebook Page in the cafe so that people know to go and like the page
  • Use the poll app to engage customers further and get them involved in the food decisions, prehaps consider having a dish of the month/week that was voted on by the Page visitors, you could get them to offer suggestions and then put those suggestions in a poll
  • There is also nothing on the page about corporate catering, obviously this is something they offer, this could be an image on a FBML tab called catering

Overall a great page with lots of interaction, but it could be working harder for the business, a phone number on there would be the best thing if only 1 of these were implemented.

Until next time readers, remember if you have a page you want ideas for, ways to improve it and telling what is going wrong let me know in the comments or on our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/SocialRabbit

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Do you want to land with a bump or glide?

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Much debate goes on regarding where potential new fans should land when they first visit a page.  As you may or may not know, as the page admin you can decide where you want them to land.  To do this go to the backend of your page, click on “wall settings” in the box marked “default landing tab for everyone else” choose from the drop down menu the tab you want them to land on.

This bunny believes that you should create a landing tab for potential new fans to land on, why?

  • It delivers a simple message on what the page is about
  • People can quickly understand what the page offers
  • Your visitors know that they have come to the right place
  • It looks professional
  • It gives them a focus of where to look, vs landing on the wall which is really busy!

So you need a landing tab, now what do you put on it?  The world is your oyster, here are some ideas

  • A simple banner with text explaining what the business offers, eg Social Rabbit
  • A funky picture inviting you to enter, eg Diet Coke
  • A montage of what is on the page, eg Red Bull
  • A style guide, eg Guess
  • Image back to the website, eg Ralph Lauren entices you to watch their runway show
  • Show what you stand for, eg Barbie asks you to sign the petition to ignite a movement to inspire girls
  • Products that change weekly, eg Jimmy Choo the advantage of this is that it is of interest to fans as well
  • Promote what you sell, eg McDonalds promoting a $1 breakfast
  • Images, text & newsletter sign up, eg Pink or Blue

So hopefully this is enough to get you started, it will surprize you that now you know about the landing tab how few pages have them, considering how simple they are to set up.  It was a real challenge to find pages to use as examples for you. 

You can add your own landing tab using the Static FBML app, or alternatively the bunnies at Social Rabbit can help you out.

Enjoy guiding your gliding new potential fans into land on your page, and make it work for you 🙂


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