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22 reasons why your business needs a Facebook Fan Page…

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to Facebook Fan Pages.

Check out the reasons that we think you need a Facebook Fan page…

  1. Brand/business awareness
  2. To connect with your audience
  3. To engage with your audience
  4. To listen to your audience (they do often have great ideas :))
  5. To find out about your audience through the insights tools, demographic info
  6. To get feedback on product or business ideas within days
  7. To be seen as “With It”
  8. So that you don’t miss marketing to those 350 million people on Facebook
  9. Because people are spending over 55 minute a day on Facebook
  10. Enables you to get feedback in real time
  11. Lets your audience “talk” to you – enabling a two way conversation between you and them
  12. A fan page can be found by internet search engines (but a profile page or group can’t)
  13. You can advertise directly to your fans, or friends of your fans
  14. A way to let your fans know about competitions and special offers and drive them to your website
  15. A cheap way to market to your audience
  16. You can be a bit more quirky and out there on a fan page!
  17. It can replace your website
  18. You can sell your products and/or services on a fan page
  19. You can promote events directly to your fans
  20. It’s environmentally friendly – nothing to print and mail
  21. It is global, so you can reach the whole world in once place!
  22. It is not “A Fad” it is here to stay

If you can think of any other reasons I would love to hear them….

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What do Fans want from social media?

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to social media.

If you have ever wondered what it is that your viewers/readers/brand lovers want from your Facebook Page, blog or Tweets then look no further.  MarketingSherpa has just conducted a study into what people want from social media. 

 MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week

 There will be no huge surprizes to see that people most want to learn about special and sales that are going on, however not far behind the specials they want to hear about your new products and features.  On the Mocks Facebook Fan Page we find that we get the most comments when we post a competition (around 1.2% feedback rate) and also the most impressions (over 10,000).  However when asking fans about new Mocks ranges they also get very involved.  Every page is always going to have people who are there fo the freebees, a bit like when food demostrators cook in the supermarket, here are always people eating, but those buying is a much lower number.  The trick is to not turn your page into a place for freebees (unless that’s what you are all about), but instead offer value to your fans.  If you want to do offers, can you do fan exclusive offers?  Can you give fans the chance to be the first to see new ideas and unveil them like an event?  Think about your audience on your page… what do they want?

Enjoy your Facebook Page and let me know if you see something I should be bouncing on!

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