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Where does social media fit in your business?

Good evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

The blog today is about understanding that social media does not operate in a vacuum.  The high tech (not!) diagram below shows where social media fits into business.

FIRST – Set Business objectives, eg to grow the business by 10% in 2010

JOINT SECOND – Set Sales objectives, eg $1million in sales in 2010

JOINT SECOND – Set Marketing objectives, eg to grow market share to 15% in 2010

THIRD – Set Social media objectives, eg increase the number of likers on the Facebook page to 1000 by June 30th

Social media is an activity in a business that needs to be treated as a business activity, not a fluffy add on to make the business/brand look trendy and down with the cool kids.

Before you get into too deep into your social media look at your business objectives and where social media fits into them – is it helping you achieve your business goals?  If not why are you doing it?

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