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New Facebook Page Insights – a MUST read

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Facebook has introduced new insights for Pages and Applications (in April 2010), which give you more information that you can use to see how effective your page is.  They are found at www.facebook.com/insights the usual insights are still in the back end of your page, but I suspect soon they will be switching to these.  If you haven’t seen these get clicking now, they are awesome!!!

This is the first screen shot you get when you go to the link (note you must be logged in as the admin of the page to see these).

  Here you can choose which page (if you admin more than one) you would like to look at, then you can choose to look at either the fans (or likers!) or engagement.

I’ve chosen to look at the fans of the Social Rabbit Facebook page, as you can see this is similar to what you see normally in insights, however the graphs are bigger and slightly easier to read.  Plus the new fans graph, if instead of daily you look at total you can see how many have hidden your feeds in their personal news feeds – this is great for admins, because there is a massive spike on one day you can see what you posted that prompted people to hide your feed.  For example, did you post too many times that day, were the posts all on one theme, were the posts not spaced out and all happened at the same time of day?… as you can see this is going to be a really useful tool.


As you scroll down the screen you get to see demographics, the same as before but the graph is horizontal instead of portrait.

Further down in activity is my FAVOURITE part – hold onto your hats people!

Here you can see the total number of page views and the unique number of page views daily.  As you can see from the graph some days people are obviously looking at the page more than once (unique is measured by login id).  My favourite bit….. you can see TAB VIEWS and EXTERNAL REFERRERS.  So you can see if people are actually looking at those tabs you have slaved over making them look good, and where people are coming to your page from (if outside Facebook).  The implications for admins with these tools are MASSIVE, no more guessing if a tab is being viewed you can see right off, and you will be able to tell if you are promoting your Facebook Page from your site or blog if it is working.  You also can see media consumption, which shows what media people prefer, these are either photos, video or audio that are attached to a post (at the time of writing this Social Rabbit had not posted any).

Then we look at interactions (I had to look at the Mocks Page for this as Facebook was having a spit on Social Rabbit), Mocks has over 16,000 likers so we also get impressions and feedback information for each post (you need to have 10,000 likers to get this info).  What is useful here is that you can see what your last few posts were, plus in the top graph you can see who has unsubscribed from your page each day.  If you have a large unsubscribe – the volume of unsubscribes that is large will depend on your page, but research shows that about 0.75% a month unsubscribe from pages on average, on one day, you can instantly check and see what you posted that made them want to unsubscribe.

Below the posts is a graph showing how the likers of your page are interacting in terms of: mentions/discussion posts/wall posts/reviews/video posts.

Again this graph should help you see what you have posted that has got a certain reaction and it allows you to modify your behaviour.

Overall these insights are going to help Page Admins to really make the most of their pages and provide content that is going to work.  So I know what you are thinking, how often should I be looking at these?  Once a week is enough, just check in, see what is happening and note down any changes you need to make for the following week.  The only slight issue with these insights is that you can’t download the results as you can currently with the insights, but I am sure that will come.

So do you think these insights are going to help you as a page admin?  Tell me in the comments or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.

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Gifting app’s on Fan pages….

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to Facebook Fan Pages.

Gifting app’s – do they work for a page?

Well, in my experience I would probably say no, but then look at Farmville – the top app on Facebook which has 74 million users (which is 21% of all Facebook users).  Around 35% of Farmville users are daily active users. 

I set up a Mocks gifting app (you could send virtual Mocks to your friends) using the Wildfireapp system (the system was awful, but I will go into that in another post).  The gifting app ran for 10 days, from 20th Jan to 30th 2010, over which time we had 112 people give gifts with the app, which was less than 1% of our fan base, the cost was US$14.90, so 13c per person.

According to an Inside Facebook report 74% of app users are women (so perfect for the Mocks brand), but it takes 70% of users 30 days to accept the gift, so prehaps me running my campaign for only 10 days was not enough?  The research also found that 56% of app activity was by 6% of the app users, unfortunately I can’t measure that.

For the Mocks Page the gifting app just did not work, when we posted it we only got 15 likes and 10 comments, our January average was 13 likes and 41 comments!  Then a few days later we asked what other Mock designs would you like added to the app and got 5 likes and 5 comments, way below average.  The app we created just didn’t engage people enough, there were thoughts that we were giving away a FREE Mock (nope!) and others that said I was going to buy one, but I’ll give the gift instead (not good news for sales).  So as with all social media experiments I have taken a lot out of this, if not least run your campaign for 30 days minimum!

For you “app heads” out there these are the top 10 app’s on Facebook (by number of users) as at 1st Feb 2010.  If you want more stats on apps Inside Facebook has great data.

1.  FarmVille 75,778,293
2.  Birthday Cards 41,912,679
3.  Café World 30,353,980
4.  iHeart 28,027,027
5.  Happy Aquarium 27,347,303
6.  Facebook for iPhone 26,053,163
7.  FishVille 25,331,874
8.  Texas HoldEm Poker 25,180,906
9.  Causes 24,739,102
10.  Mafia Wars 24,556,434

If you have had app success, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to Facebook Fan pages.

Often when we try something and it doesn’t work it feels like failure, but it’s not.  Below are some quotes from Thomas Edison, not someone I would call a failure.

Hell, there are no rules here– we’re trying to accomplish something.
I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.
Thomas A. Edison US inventor (1847 – 1931)

In social media, it’s new, it’s exciting and it’s not fully tried and tested, so you need to experiment.  I have 3 different Facebook fan pages going, and I am doing different things on each one – they each have a different audience.  This is challenging, in that I am trying to come up with three different strategies, but also it is ALOT of trial and error, as Edison says, I will find alot of ways that won’t work.  However what won’t work for one might work for another.

I have found on the Mocks Fan page that when I say to fans when we reach x number of fans I will do x (at the moment this is a $1 Mocks sale weekend when we reach 15,000 fans), they love it, they get really involved, they encourage people to join, and they count down with comments like only 12 to go etc.  The trick with this method is finding something that they actually want – they all wanted free Mocks (I asked them), which was not going to be an option, so I had to come up with something else.  I know that once they have bought 1 or 2 Mocks they love them and will buy more, so this seemed ideal, and it’s getting results – around 100 fans overnight after day 1 (1% increase).

So knowing that this works for a product page I have tried this out on the Social Rabbit Fan Page, yesterday I posted up that if we reach 1000 fans by Feb 14 one lucky fan will get a Facebook Page strategy done for them for free and the page set up, total value $3000. So far this has got us about 6 new fans (from 58 to 64) again a 1% increase.  So in theory the method works for any type of page…..  Although on such a small base, I am not sure that I can fully trust the results…

I would love you to try it and let me know how you go…. the more evidence the better, these may be one offs 🙂

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Mocks Fan Page Case study

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to the world of Facebook Fan Pages.

The Mocks Fan Page has been about since October 2009, as the creator of Mocks (and the Fan page) I wanted to give you some insights into how we have managed to achieve over 12,000 fans in just over 2 months.

Mocks has been on Facebook with a profile page since 2008 (we were later starters!) But it wasn’t until I attended an Austalian Businesswomen’s webinar that I realised the FULL POWER that Facebook Fan Pages can offer. I did think, as you probably do, what’s all this hype about Facebook, it’s not doing much for me, and it’s rather a hassle!

On Monday October 19th we set up the Fan page and encouraged all our current “274 friends” from the profile page to move over and become fans, this in itself is a challenge, I thought that unless they are a “die hard” Mocks fans, they won’t be bothered.

LESSON: work out what you want from Facebook before you set it up, as if you try to change it later you can, but a) you’ll lose people and b) you’ll annoy them

Over the next three weeks we incentivised our “old friends” to become fans by giving them a FREE Halloween Mock if they moved over by the end of the month, through this we managed to get about 227 friends to become fans.

Then I decided I wanted to have 1,000 fans before the end of November, I saw no reason why we couldn’t (although my team were not quite as confident as I was). So how did I do it?

By the end of December we had 10,774 fans, an increase of over 10,500 fans in two months.

Today (Jan 25th) nearly a month later growth has slowed down considerably, but we still have 12,324 fans, even though around 850 have “defanned” us – obviously they just joined for the freebees.  The challenge now is to keep those fans we have engaged and also grow the fan base because it has made a difference to Mocks.

The direct benefits that Mocks have seen from the Fan Page are:
– Increase in online sales by 200%
– Increase in new customers (particularly from USA and UK)
– Instant feedback on new design ideas
– Ideas for new designs
– Ideas for competitions
– Anyone who has had an issue with an order has posted it up, so we have been able to react more quickly
– We’ve used fan ideas to compile a list of 101 uses for your Mock which we have used in other marketing
– Trying to get into the USA market it has provided valuable insights into our audience and persuasive stats to tell retailers about

So this is the Mocks fan page story, a lot of it has been trial and error, as what may work for one brand will not necessarily work for another.  Would love to hear any comments.


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22 reasons why your business needs a Facebook Fan Page…

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to Facebook Fan Pages.

Check out the reasons that we think you need a Facebook Fan page…

  1. Brand/business awareness
  2. To connect with your audience
  3. To engage with your audience
  4. To listen to your audience (they do often have great ideas :))
  5. To find out about your audience through the insights tools, demographic info
  6. To get feedback on product or business ideas within days
  7. To be seen as “With It”
  8. So that you don’t miss marketing to those 350 million people on Facebook
  9. Because people are spending over 55 minute a day on Facebook
  10. Enables you to get feedback in real time
  11. Lets your audience “talk” to you – enabling a two way conversation between you and them
  12. A fan page can be found by internet search engines (but a profile page or group can’t)
  13. You can advertise directly to your fans, or friends of your fans
  14. A way to let your fans know about competitions and special offers and drive them to your website
  15. A cheap way to market to your audience
  16. You can be a bit more quirky and out there on a fan page!
  17. It can replace your website
  18. You can sell your products and/or services on a fan page
  19. You can promote events directly to your fans
  20. It’s environmentally friendly – nothing to print and mail
  21. It is global, so you can reach the whole world in once place!
  22. It is not “A Fad” it is here to stay

If you can think of any other reasons I would love to hear them….

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What do Fans want from social media?

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to social media.

If you have ever wondered what it is that your viewers/readers/brand lovers want from your Facebook Page, blog or Tweets then look no further.  MarketingSherpa has just conducted a study into what people want from social media. 

 MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week

 There will be no huge surprizes to see that people most want to learn about special and sales that are going on, however not far behind the specials they want to hear about your new products and features.  On the Mocks Facebook Fan Page we find that we get the most comments when we post a competition (around 1.2% feedback rate) and also the most impressions (over 10,000).  However when asking fans about new Mocks ranges they also get very involved.  Every page is always going to have people who are there fo the freebees, a bit like when food demostrators cook in the supermarket, here are always people eating, but those buying is a much lower number.  The trick is to not turn your page into a place for freebees (unless that’s what you are all about), but instead offer value to your fans.  If you want to do offers, can you do fan exclusive offers?  Can you give fans the chance to be the first to see new ideas and unveil them like an event?  Think about your audience on your page… what do they want?

Enjoy your Facebook Page and let me know if you see something I should be bouncing on!

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