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Where does social media fit in your business?

Good evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

The blog today is about understanding that social media does not operate in a vacuum.  The high tech (not!) diagram below shows where social media fits into business.

FIRST – Set Business objectives, eg to grow the business by 10% in 2010

JOINT SECOND – Set Sales objectives, eg $1million in sales in 2010

JOINT SECOND – Set Marketing objectives, eg to grow market share to 15% in 2010

THIRD – Set Social media objectives, eg increase the number of likers on the Facebook page to 1000 by June 30th

Social media is an activity in a business that needs to be treated as a business activity, not a fluffy add on to make the business/brand look trendy and down with the cool kids.

Before you get into too deep into your social media look at your business objectives and where social media fits into them – is it helping you achieve your business goals?  If not why are you doing it?

Love to hear your comments…  Tell me below or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.


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I don’t get Facebook pages

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

This was a statement made to me.  My initial feeling is you don’t need to “get” it, you just need to understand the benefit of Facebook pages, and more importantly the benefit to your customers and therefore your business.  I mean I don’t understand how a computer works, but I do understand the benefits it delivers, and this is the same. 

You don’t need to “get” Facebook Pages for them to work for you, but you do need to understand:
– Why your audience enjoys using them
– The benefits they offer to your audience and your business
– How to actually use them to get the most out of them
– Just because it is not something you would choose to use does not mean that your customers don’t want to use it

Just in case you are in the “I don’t get it camp” check these points out on what a Facebook Page can do for your business…

  1. Create a community
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Increase sales
  4. Increase purchase intent (that’s different to a sale, it means that they are more likely to buy one brand over another)
  5. Get feedback on your products & services
  6. Help you understand your customers
  7. Let you listen to your customers
  8. Help you start conversations with your customers
  9. Drive traffic to your website
  10. Create WOM (word of mouth) on your brand/business
  11. Make your business look human
  12. Create relationships with your customers
  13. Help your business stand out from the competition
  14. Make it look like your business is “cool” and “with it” because you have a page
  15. Give your customers a voice
  16. Let your customers show off
  17. Make your customers feel loved
  18. Creates customer engagement
  19. Helps with staff engagement
  20. Allows you to increase your reach
  21. A cost effective way to promote your brand/business
  22. A quick and easy way to promote special offers/promotions
  23. Position your business as an expert

If you still don’t get it tell me in the comments, I’d love to know 🙂

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Power Posting…

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today it is all about “POWER POSTS”.  What is a POWER POST?  Basically it is a post that gets results, whether you are posting it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. you get results.  How do you write a POWER POST? (PS you should be reading POWER POST in a kind of superhero style voice!)

13 Tips for a powerful POWER POST

  1. The BIG P – which I’ve bounced over earlier, is all about planning, don’t think you can just spur of the moment come up with a great post, a great post is crafted 🙂
  2. Short & sweet – we’re all busy, we don’t have time to read war & peace however interesting the topic, so “get to the point and get out”
  3. Call to action – if you want them to do something after reading your post spell it out, eg visit our website, buy online here, write your comments below
  4. Spelling and grammar – as someone who is BIG on this, make sure you spell check all your posts before posting, it looks unprofessional to have typo’s or grammatical errors, and can put readers off, as they get caught up in the details of the grammar and miss the message
  5. Timing – When is a good time to post that your readers will see it, try out different times and see when you get the best response
  6. Be Playful – don’t think you have to be conservative, have some fun with your posts and your audience will enjoy it too
  7. Transparent – Tell people what you are doing and why, don’t try to catch them out with something, they WON’T love you for it 
  8. Passionate – Get excited, people are attracted to passionate people, so show them how passionate you are about what you are doing
  9. Interesting – Make sure the content is interesting to your readers, you already know who you are targeting and why, so make sure that you are telling them relevant info
  10. Useful – Similar to interesting, make it useful, do your readers really want to know that you are buying a new printer, no.  If you are buying a new printer to be able to send out flashy invites to an event they might be
  11. Educate – If your goal is to educate your readers then do it, and don’t just regurgitate other people’s info, have an opinion, it makes it much more interesting
  12. Personal – Show that you’re human (I am making the assumption that you are!) people like to get to know the person behind the page/blog/twitter etc.
  13. Have a point to it – think about what the aim of writing it is, if you are just filling in time or filling in a blank space or doing it because you feel you need to, then BORING FORGET IT!

So posters, get out there and get posting, plan what you are going to say, and excite your readers.  If anyone else has any tips for POWER POSTS let me know in the comments (note using tip 3 here).


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Is my Facebook page working? 19 ways to tell

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today we are answering a reader question (if you have a question just email the Chief Rabbit info@SocialRabbit.net).  This reader wanted to know how she can tell if her Facebook page is working, below are 19 ways to tell…..

  1. You have fans
  2. Your fans comment on your posts
  3. Your fans “like” your posts
  4. Your fans post up questions and comments of their own without prompting
  5. Looking at your page insights your fan removal rate is lower than 0.75% per month
  6. The number of fans you have grows each week
  7. People visit your page (results are sent in your weekly page updates from Facebook)
  8. Your post quality is still high in the insights (high for you may be different to high for someone else)
  9. Your posts are still good quality (be honest with yourself!)
  10. If your page purpose is to get clicks through to your site is this happening?
  11. If your page purpose is to increase online sales is this happening?
  12. The number of interactions with your page each week is increasing
  13. People tell you how awesome your page is
  14. Other pages have added your page as a favourite on their page
  15. Your page has been featured on the Facebook Marketing page as a great example
  16. Your page has more than 100 fans – that puts you in the top 65% of pages!
  17. You are posting on your page wall at least once a week
  18. You are meeting the goals you set for your page before you started (you did set goals didn’t you?)
  19. People you don’t know are fans!

Until next time, let me know if you think there are other ways to tell if your page is working… comment below please 🙂


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What LinkedIn can do for Your Business

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

In this post I share the results I got from asking “What benefits have you seen for your business by using LinkedIn”

“I was a ‘case study’ during a Citrix webinar on LinkedIn at the start of the month so my figures are top of mind …. in January 72% of my income came via relationships that I have established solely as a result of LinkedIn, my Outshine database has grown by 456% in 7 months, and my teleseminars are now regularly over-subscribed which is a direct knock-on effect of the rate I’ve managed to grow my database through LinkedIn.”
Faye Hollands

“I won’t disclose any $$$ amounts… Let’s just say that I’ve booked many numerous trade shows as a traffic builder, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Communions, Weddings, Marketing events, private and corporate parties and events from my networking adventures here…”
Dave Maskin

“I, too, have increased my business as a result of my presence here. It allows me to network globally with my ideal audience and my visibility here is a tremendous business advantage.”
Christine Hueber

“LinkedIn has been a great way to find excellent talent. It’s also been a good place to screen out people who are not a fit. Specifically, we use it to contact previous employers for backgrounds of possible hires. Most hiring managers know that the references that are provided by candidates are hand chosen to provide a great review. We like to call people who are not on the list. And…if a previous employer doesn’t provide a LinkedIn recommendation, that’s a sign, too. Thanks to LinkedIn, it’s harder and harder to hide poor performance and as a business owner, that’s a very good thing.”
Kathy Heasley

“LinkedIn has played a key role in my branding and marketing efforts. Considering it’s more business-oriented than Facebook (where I also have a profile), I have enjoyed meeting people from around the world who have been interested in me personally as well as my voiceover business.  The most tangible example of this is Mary Lascelles, known as ReloMary. She and I met here on LI back in the fall, struck up a friendship, and I wound up voicing the tags on two of her relocation business’s videos, which are on her website and on YouTube.  LI is also an excellent way to make connections through Q&A, make/receive recommendations on past/current work, and promote yourself to a worldwide audience.”
John Zadikian

“You get from LI what you put in, you give your best in helping others you will reap the results, you game the system you will think you are gaining visibility while in fact you are reducing your chances for people to do business with you.  That being said, being on LI gave me the exposure and established my credibility at what I do I already had a huge consulting job that I have been doing the whole last year and still going, I have 2 in the works I also picked up some one time marketing consulting projects.  I met also a person here that co-partnered with me for a live seminar last NOV.  I would say 80% of my business is from LI” 
Sahar Andrade
“Would like to offer something concrete – but am still working through the process. I have only had one business query – and nothing concrete yet. However it has been good for connecting to old friends and this may lead to something.”
Anna Candler

“The main benefit so far is that I have re-established contact with a number of people. Also a special interest networking group with whom you are familiar is using it for a communications hub ie MGSM NETWORKER.”
Geoff and Isobel Berry

“Just some potential business partners/friends up to now…..But it is surely a good tool to dig any possible cooperation opportunities.”
Mark Liao

“I find it particularly helpful when targetting a company to do business with. You can see who you are connected with or who you could be introduced to through a contact. This is something I have just started working on so too early to provide quatitative results. Ask me in 3 months.”
Graeme Cowan
“LinkedIn is a powerful tool – I’ve been on the network since 2003 and it has constantly delivered value. You can find new business, new colleagues, new friends, learn, grow and much more. I started to lose interest in LinkedIn since the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs. However this past year, LinkedIn have really listened to their users and have become more “social” – a good thing.”
Tony Hollingsworth
“I got my first brief from an International client in Singapore who saw my profile when I made it ‘Full View’.”
Deborah Dunn

“I had been aware of LinkedIn for quite awhile, but had to be prodded by friends to join. Once I established a profile, it was amazing how rapidly my network grew.

The two key ways in which LinkedIn has added value to my consulting business is the ability to post news and articles on my profile page for wider distribution, and the use of InMail, a friendly medium that helps differentiate and personalize my email.”
Dale Laszig

“I’ve also been on LinkedIn since 2003, and I regularly find my LI network produces hot leads that have translated to real revenue. One speaking job booked after a status update; a number of new members to sphinxx leadership program for senior women; some responses to calls for help for my clients and contacts which has generated $$$ in goodwill; and lots of subscribers and referrals to my business website. I have to say though that this has become harder since twitter links have auto added to my status update so i’ve just decided to switch this off.” 
Jennifer Dalitz

“Plenty of benefits.  I have used LinkedIn extensively to successfully capital raise for clients looking for investment to make their web business ideas turn from ideas into reality.  I have also received decent dollars from Internet Consultancy offers derived from LinkedIn searchers.  It is a goldmine in entrepreneurial activity.” 
Haig Kayserian

“Having recently held a Roundtable session for senior HR professionals (big brands and agencies), I think one of the major benefits of LinkedIn is recruitment – not only for permanent staff – but for outsourcing individual projects/work.  For example, Microsoft recently saved an estimated £60,000 in recruitment-company fees by using LinkedIn to find nine niche technical employees capable of working with the rare Assembly and X86 software languages.  LinkedIn is great for business networking, but it has many other functions that can be extremely beneficial to an organisation, ranging from SEO and business-touting, through to personnel management and crowd-sourcing.” 
Jake Hird
There you go fans, lots and lots of real examples of people who get results from LI.  Maybe you should join?  Connect with me on LinkedIn or tell me in the comments what your experience is.

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Measure Your Social Media Activity

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to social media.

Social media needs to have a point to it when using it in your business, there is no point in doing it if you are not getting results, it is a waste of time and money.  Even if EVERYONE says you must do it, if you are not achieving the results, then either you need to get some professional help to make it work, or not waste your time.

This chart shows how effective social media is in achieving business goals, so that you can see what you can achieve if you are utilising social media properly. 

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week

The most effective result of social media is brand awareness according to this research and increase of sales revenue is the least effective.  However, I really think that this does depend on what you are promoting via social media – some products perform better than others, as do some services.  This chart does give you a really good indication of what you can expect to achieve on average if you are looking to benchmark what you are doing vs. others to decide on whether it is effective for your business.

As with any activity you are using to promote your brand/business it is important to measure the effectiveness so that you can determine if it is worth continuing with.

How are you measuring the social media you are using?  This bunny would love to know 🙂

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Measuring Social Media is a challenge

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of Social Media.

Do you get fed up of people saying, well yes I know I should do social media, but how do I know it’s worth it? or your boss saying you can’t use social media unless you can prove to me it is working?

This bunny feels like they have jumped straight into a commercial, but today I started playing with UberVU which is a website that allows you to compare what is being “said” in social media about your brand etc.  I’ve done an example here of Microsoft vs. Apple no prizes for guessing that Apple is more talked about in social media, in fact in the last month:

  • On Twitter 69% has been about Apple, 31% about Microsoft
  • On You Tube 89% Apple, 11% Microsoft

Then being a chocoholic (on a free chocolate period until Easter of course!) I looked up Cadburys these were the results, the chart next to the source shows the activity over the last month.

Twitter 80.8% 2997 reactions

Facebook 8% 299 reactions  Youtube 5.4% 201 reactions

 Digg 1.8% 70 reactions

 Reddit 1.5% 59 reactions

 Other 2.1% 80 reactions
So you might want to consider this FREE, did I mention that? tool when trying to produce reports on what has an hasn’t worked for your brand/company, of course you can also get a paid account and get more results.  When you have a had a play with this let me know what results you get… ps Please note that this bunny has nothing to do with the company that owns this software, but just happens to like it 🙂
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