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Facebook Friday: The Little Scarf Shop

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today is the first of the page reviews that people have paid the bargain price of $49.95 for.  The Little Scarf Shop Facebook page surprizingly enough is related to a website that sells cashmere scarves 🙂  It has 171 people liking the page and has been going since December 21st 2009.

What’s working:



Below is a table of the top 25 keywords in Australian search (as per Google’s keyword tool).  However 100 keywords came up in the search.  Basically when people are searching for scarves these are the words they are using, therefore these are some of the words that should be incorporated into the content on the page.  The reason is that it helps with SEO (search engine optimisation) so the page will appear higher in the rankings when people search in Google or Bing etc.

scarf 5,000,000 201,000
scarves 2,740,000 49,500
shawl 1,220,000 27,100
pashmina 673,000 14,800
shawls 550,000 9,900
silk scarves 165,000 5,400
scarf accessories 201,000 5,400
fashion scarves 27,100 4,400
womens scarf 40,500 3,600
tie scarf 135,000 3,600
wool scarf 74,000 2,900
cashmere scarf 165,000 2,400
scarf knitting patterns 40,500 2,400
red scarf 110,000 2,400
mens scarf 110,000 1,900
pashmina shawl 110,000 1,900
pashmina scarf 90,500 1,300
pink scarf 49,500 1,300
skull scarf 40,500 1,000
wholesale scarves 27,100 1,000
cotton scarf 27,100 1,000
scarf dress 33,100 1,000
scarf tying 27,100 880
winter scarf 40,500 880


  • The info tab basically contains nothing!  This is a huge missed opportunity, it needs to be rich with keywords explaining what the product is, what colours it comes in and about the company
  • Look at increasing the size of the profile pic (there is 180 wide by 540 pixels high to play with) to include an image of someone in a scarf along with the logo
  • There are no reviews on the page, so encourage people to write them, perhaps offer a discount off your next scarf
  • There is no landing page, this is really important with a product that is so visual, have a landing page that includes the Autumn winter collection to show people what is on offer, this could include an enewsletter signup form for your newsletter to build your database
  • Add a store application (eg Vendor) to the page, this uses paypal for payment, and could result in extra sales, plus you could offer special deals for people who like your page through the store, eg a free booklet on tying your scarf.  It is important that your Facebook page is a community that people want to be part of.
  • When posting photos use ones from the website and therefore people can click on them to go straight to the store to buy
  • Make short videos showing people how to tie the scarf to add onto a video tab on the page, you have explained in one post, but it might be easier for people to see, this could even be done as if they are looking in a mirror so that they can follow the video and tie it at the same time
  • Make a video on washing your scarf, sounds very basic, but people will be nervous about washing it at home themselves.
  • Respond to all comments on the page, it encourages people to post more as they know you are listening
  • Ask questions in the posts, eg what do you wear your scarf with?
  • Use the polls application to find out info such as favourite colour
  • You could include information on what cashmere is, explain to people make it easy, ask people what they think it feels like, eg cotton wool etc.  Try to get people to imagine so that they want it
  • You could ask people what are the strangest ways you’ve used your scarf, eg the woman on the page who commented that a child wiped their nose on it
  • You could have your scarves traveling around the world, where has yours been?  Encourage people to send in pictures similar to the post you have from Neema
  • How about writing a piece with pictures which is 1 scarf 100 ways, or maybe not 100, but similar to the pieces you see in fashion mags, so that people can see that you can wear it with pj’s, tracksuit, work clothes, party clothes etc.
  • You could write notes on the notes tab on which colour scarves suit which skin/hair colours
  • There needs to be a posting strategy around the page, decide first of all what your purpose is for the page, then use that when posting, decide on how many days a week you want to post and then make sure each post is adding value to your audience.  Currently there are a lot of selling posts, which is ok if they are spread out amongst others, but they aren’t.  Look at the reason why people come to your page, and what scarves are all about ie fashion and tie that (literally!) into your posting.

USA audience

You mentioned you want to target the USA audience.  There are a few ways to do this:

  • Facebook ad’s, targeting them at women in the USA, you can choose fashion as an interest for them, that is going to be the quickest and easiest way to get people to your page
  • Go to USA fashion or magazine pages and post value adding posting, eg did you know that wearing a scarf like this gives the illusion you are 2 sizes smaller (I’ve made that up) then you can afterwards put from The Little Scarf Shop (hyperlinked) and people will go and check you out

Both of these can be used with any audience you are trying to target, but it is all about adding value, not just spamming another page with hey I’ve got a great red scarf!


You need to give people a reason to visit your page not just once but again and again, as you offer them something that they want.  Just promoting buy a scarf is not going to do that, it needs to be more than that.

Using Facebook ad’s is a very cost effective way to get new people to your page, you don’t need to spend that much, it could just be $10 a day.  Use it to get them to your page, not to your site, then when they have liked the page you will have them there to keep talking to, instead of them hitting your site and leaving.

Did you love this review? You can get your page reviewed by the Chief Rabbit for only $49.95, just email info@SocialRabbit.net


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Before your start on Social Media

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today’s blog will be filled with furry words of advice to help you have a fantastic social media campaign.  It’s all very much common sense, but often (this Bunny included) we get carried away with the excitement and addictiveness of Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Foursquare etc that we forget to start at the beginning.  DON”T WORRY!  It’s not to late.

You want to use a social network for business, your business, it might be a hair salon, real estate office, coffee shop, accounting firm, clothes store, product or whatever, the rules are the same for EVERYONE.  So you have decided which social networking tool or tools you want to use, now follow these steps;

  1. What is the purpose of what you are doing? For your Facebook page what is the purpose?  Why are you setting it up (because it’s fun doesn’t count), I want real reasons, eg to build a relationship with my audience, to use it to find out more about them, to get my product awareness out to a wider audience etc – get the picture?  This is the same if you are choosing Twitter or LinkedIn you NEED a purpose, if you don’t have one, well it just won’t work as well, and you will find it harder to maintain.
  2. What are your goals? Eg for your Facebook page you want to get 500 likers in the first month and increase the click throughs to your website by x%.  For Twitter it maybe that you want to be retweeted x number of times and gain x number of followers in the first month.  Whatever you decide that your goals are these are something that you can go back to and see how you are tracking and decide if it’s working.
  3. What have you got to offer?  OR What value are you adding?  OR Why should people follow you/connect with you or like you? This is the old “what’s in it for me”.  This should interlink with your purpose, so if your purpose is to “be seen as an expert in social media” the value you add could be in unravelling the mysteries behind social media, helping people to understand it and use it to grow their business.
  4. What are you going to promise? I have said this before that your followers etc have memories like elephants – they never forget.  So if you entice them to your Facebook page with the offer of free ebooks or the chance to win prizes or a daily tip, when they don’t get it they WILL rebel.  Rebelling in the social networking world means de-friending/unfollowing/disconnecting, which when you have worked SO hard to get them is not what you want.

The idea behind following these steps is that when you get stuck and think “oh no what shall I blog about, post, tweet etc.” you know what your purpose, values and goals are so it makes it easier for you to deliver.  PLUS it helps with the consistency of your message, if people know you as a social media expert, then you suddenly start rambling on about how to make apple tart, it’s kinda confusing…  They won’t know what’s happening, they will lose a bit of trust and faith, who is this flaky person that yesterday was telling us how to get more likers on Facebook and now is talking about how to get the pastry just right on an apple tart…..

If you already have your social networking set up, it is NEVER too late to go back and revisit what you are doing and why, and don’t think you have to stay with what you decide forever.  However don’t change your mind daily, but often it can take a while to find your niche that both you and your readers are comfortable with, so by all means try out a few things, but let them know.  For example, when I decided to start Mental Monday’s on this blog to review books, I said that I would see how it goes, but I am not doing it daily, only once a week.  So if say 50% of you guys don’t like it I guess you don’t tune in on Monday’s, but no one has complained yet!  But if you want to make a comment do, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE comments positive and negative.

Tell me below what you think or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.

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Why do people think social media = free?

Good Morning, Social rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today this Rabbit is ranting…  As you may know I am involved with a fantastic Facebook Shopping Cart app called Vendor, yesterday we posted a survey asking about what improvements people would like to see and how much they would be willing to pay for improvements.  The idea is that there will always be a free version, but we will later on introduce a paid version with more features.  This sparked off a number of comments from users about how it shouldn’t cost anything and that it was bad enough that PayPal took commission.  This is a common theme running throughout social networking sites that people expect EVERYTHING to be FREE!

My question to those people is how do the people who make the applications and keep them bug free live?  On fresh air?  It frustrates me beyond belief that people are so self-absorbed that they don’t think about others, they think that time is free.  I am sure that you all know or have met these kinds of people, and I have blogged about this before.

I know that the reason people expect app’s etc to be free is that because that is how they have started, you know how when you first got TV the channels were free (still is, unless you live in the UK), and then cable came in, now with cable you get more features and benefits but it costs money, but people pay because they can see the value in it. 

Much of the attitude around wanting app’s for free is that people just do not understand how much time and effort has gone into building it, if they did would they value it more?  I think the answer is yes, a lot of the time we assume that if an expert is doing it it takes them 5 seconds…. well as one expert to another I can tell you this is not always the case.  Or prehaps they don’t think.  If at the bottom of everything that was provided for free people put: FYI This took me x hours, would it make a difference?

I know that we are not talking about everyone here, but just maybe some people should stop to think “how are they making money doing this?”  rather than “how can I get everything I need to make money for free”.  We all love getting freebees, but I think when free becomes paid, we have to learn not to moan, and to say “thanks for giving it to me free for so long!”

Well I think that is enough ranting for today, tomorrow you will be treated to a Facebook Page review.  If you have any issues that really bug you tell me in the comments, so I don’t feel alone 😦  Plus if you would like to donate to the “keeping this rabbit in carrots fund” please email me….. I’m joking 🙂

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10 common LinkedIn questions – with answers

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

These are all questions I have been asked this week in regards to LinkedIn, hopefully you will learn something new 🙂

Q: How can I add an event on LinkedIn?
A: Click on the ‘More…’ button at the top of the page, then choose events, when on this page choose the ‘my events’ tab and fill in the blanks!

Q: Can I run a poll on LinkedIn?
A: Yes, click on the ‘more…’ button at the top of the page, then choose applications, scroll down to ‘Polls’ and click on it.  Choose ‘add application’ and then you can start creating your poll.

Q: How do I connect my Twitter account to LinkedIn so any LI updates are also on Twitter?
A: Click on ‘settings’ at the top right side of the page, then scroll down to ‘Twitter settings’ click on this and it will guide you through.

Q: All the ad’s on LinkedIn really bug me, can I switch them off?
A: Yes, you can switch off the partner ad’s.  Click on ‘settings’ at the top right then scroll down to ‘partner advertising’ then choose ‘no’ and click on save.

Q: Can I use LinkedIn from within outlook?
A: Yes, and it’s fab! Click here to go to the page and download the app.

Q: Can I run my own ad’s on LinkedIn?
A: Yes, go to this page, and it will guide you through the setup, it is cheap and easy to do and you can really target your audience.

Q: I’m stuck on LinkedIn, do they have an FAQ’s page?
A: Yes you can access it here, on their customer service page.

Q: Are there any good articles that walk you through how to use LinkedIn for business?
A: Yes, Hubspot has a great one, as does Social Media Examiner.  I also love www.linkedintelligence.com.  There are also good guides on LinkedIn, like this business development one.

Q: How can I see how many connections are 1, 2 or 3 degrees away?
A: Click on ‘contacts’ at the top of the page and then on ‘network statistics’ and you will see how you are doing, NB there are 60 million people on LinkedIn.

Q: How do I list my company on LinkedIn?
A: Click on the ‘more…’ button at the top of the page, then on ‘add a company’ on the right hand side of the next screen and fill in the details – it’s easy!  TIP: Make sure that everyone in your company is using the same company name, so that you are all listed as employees.

 Have more questions? Just ask…. This bunny will be running a webinar very soon on LinkedIn, so watch this space 🙂 Don’t forget to become a fan of us on Facebook to get more social media goss!

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Accepting who you are…

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

In the world of social media, it is often hard to find norms to compare yourself to, so that you can see how you are doing (believe me, I’ve been searching for stats on defanning on pages for ages!) This is usually due to the lack of information available at the small end of town, where probably most of the readers of this blog live. The small end of town is not a bad place to be, but it is sometimes a disappointing place to be.

Disappointing because you start your Facebook fan page and get 200 fans, think you are doing well (which you are, as according to Facebook only 65% of pages have over 100 fans), but then you get stuck. You have set your sights on getting 10,000 fans (despite the fact that you are a small business, who has probably never even had 10,000 customers interested), just because you look at other pages which have 100,000s of fans and think well if they have that many, surely I can reach 10,000.  Afterall, there is a page devoted to jelly tots with 530,000 fans, surely your business is more interesting than that?

Without sounding preachy (as this Rabbit doesn’t like preachy), you need to understand that Facebook, or any other social medium is not about interesting all the time, it’s about expressing your individuality and personality.  Otherwise how did the “I ❤ sleep” page get 4.7 million fans or this page “i don’t sleep enough because I stay up for no reason” have 3.5 million fans?

Just think about these questions…

  • What can I do on my page to stand out from the other 1.6million pages out there? (that’s not that many really, 5% have less than 10 fans)
  • Why are people fans of my page? Does it say something about them? Are they there for freebees?  Do they love my articles?  Is it the quirky posts?  You know you can ask your fans this, you don’t need to guess 🙂
  • Do I actually engage my fans? (as in do they respond to my posts)  If not how can I?

The new(ish) world of social media can be a real leveler between large and small business, but remember comparing your fan page on a one hit wonder singer to Michael Jackson is just not an even comparison.  Nor is comparing your hairdressing salon with Tony and Guy, you wouldn’t in the offline world, so don’t in the online.  You need to be realistic, that doesn’t mean you can’t aim for 10,000 fans, but just don’t get upset if if takes you a while.  However if you do happen to find out that big brand has less fans than you, then dance up and down and rejoice, as obviously they are not down with social media and you SO are!

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Seems that everyone has their own networking site… Why?

Good afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to social media.

Today this rabbit is confused…  Yesterday I got invited to join a social network for a women’s organisation, after joining (and becoming 1 of 130 members) I had to think why did they bother…  They could have had a group/profile/fan page on Facebook which has 400 million users, or a group on LinkedIn, why would people join a network with 130 members?  What benefit would I, as a user get from it? 
This what I thought of:
– localness of it, in that it is promoted to Australians
– less daunting with less members, because only a few people see your posts
– brand extension, offering current loyal members an additional benefit

I have to say that I completely understand why they have set it up, my view as a user is that there is a lot more info on LinkedIn or Facebook so why should I create another profile to maintain?  The whole what’s in it for me attitude…  Of course networks only work if everyone is willing to contribute.

All this comes back to knowing your audience,

What do they do? 
What do they want? 
How can you help them achieve it?  

Having your own social network is very cool, no doubts about that, but does it fit?  Is what you should be asking.

I will be interested to see how the network grows over the next few months, I hope it works for them.

What do you think?

P.S.  Join the Social Rabbit fan page for more social media goss

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22 reasons why your business needs a Facebook Fan Page…

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here, your guide to Facebook Fan Pages.

Check out the reasons that we think you need a Facebook Fan page…

  1. Brand/business awareness
  2. To connect with your audience
  3. To engage with your audience
  4. To listen to your audience (they do often have great ideas :))
  5. To find out about your audience through the insights tools, demographic info
  6. To get feedback on product or business ideas within days
  7. To be seen as “With It”
  8. So that you don’t miss marketing to those 350 million people on Facebook
  9. Because people are spending over 55 minute a day on Facebook
  10. Enables you to get feedback in real time
  11. Lets your audience “talk” to you – enabling a two way conversation between you and them
  12. A fan page can be found by internet search engines (but a profile page or group can’t)
  13. You can advertise directly to your fans, or friends of your fans
  14. A way to let your fans know about competitions and special offers and drive them to your website
  15. A cheap way to market to your audience
  16. You can be a bit more quirky and out there on a fan page!
  17. It can replace your website
  18. You can sell your products and/or services on a fan page
  19. You can promote events directly to your fans
  20. It’s environmentally friendly – nothing to print and mail
  21. It is global, so you can reach the whole world in once place!
  22. It is not “A Fad” it is here to stay

If you can think of any other reasons I would love to hear them….

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