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Web 3.0 in Sydney… day 2

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

The second day of the Web 3.0 conference was on yesterday, and here are my thoughts/notes from it.

Sandy Carter from IBM

Sandy was without doubt the best speaker of the conference, she gave lots of examples of how companies are using social media as well as good advice on how to run a campaign.  Below is the acronym ANGELS that IBM use for the social media process.

A: Analyse the market
N: Nail the relevant strategy and story
G: Go to market socially
E: Energise the channel and community
L: Leads and revenue
S: Scream

Examples Sandy gave included:

  • Coach bags in the USA crowdsourced new bag designs aimed at a younger audience, they got over 6 million engagements from people plus sold out of all bags designed
  • Faberge replicated how they guide people through their stores (according to how much they are looking to spend depends on the products they get to see) on their website, by not making all content available to everyone and increased online sales by 50%
  • Virtual events (where you attend as an avatar) run by IBM they found that the conversation rate was the same as people who attended a real event
  • Romeria Virtual implemented an online pilgrimage during the H1N1 flu outbreak, and it was blessed by the Vatican.  They had 15,000 people make the virtual pilgrimage that year, and are continuing it for those who physically cannot manage it
  • Social media success depends on 80% of your time being spent on planning, strategy and objectives and 20% on technology and tools.

Sandy has written a book called The New Language of Marketing 2.0, of which I have a copy to give away, if you want to win it, email me before June 10th Lara@SocialRabbit.net and tell me about your favourite social media example (it can be your own!) and why you like it, I will then mail the winner the book, plus tell you everyone’s examples.

Karen Stocks from YouTube

  • There are over 400 million users on YouTube
  • The top YouTube channels have over 2 million subscribers
  • The Evian Babies YouTube video increased brand awareness by 11% and purchase intent by 4%  in the UK
  • Successful videos are all about the level of engagement not necessarily sophistication
  • Awesome video on the way things could be going in the future 🙂

Paul Borrud from Facebook

  • There are now over 9 million active users in Australia, of these 3 million access it on their mobile device
  • 60% of Australian users log on daily and spend  3 hours and 50 minutes on Facebook a month
  • Social networking is not about start and stop, but it has to be continuous

Paul’s presentation was very much this is what Facebook can do, and the numbers behind it, nothing ground breaking disappointingly, but more of a sell job – so much for listening to the customer

Alex Crompton from Aussie

  • Earn the sale before you make the sale – I love this
  • Businesses need to offer customers multiple channels to engage with the business – then they can choose what works best for them
  • Aussie have increased their revenue, gross margin and net margin due to deep social media involvement
  • social media supports SEO (in case you didn’t know!)
  • The slide below is good, it tells you the additional benefits that Alex sees from social media (he’s in the picture on the left)

Brian Giesen from Ogilvy

  • Start by listening then plan > engage > amplify > optimise
  • He really recommended listening first if your business is unsure about social media, as you can find out where your customers are, what they are saying, what engages them and it gives you a much better indication of how to move forward

Overall there has been some interesting insights into social media from the two days, however nothing groundbreaking, but some ideas to work on.  If you have any comments I would love to hear them below, plus don’t forget to enter to win Sandy’s book!


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