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Your personal brand is always with you

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today there has been some uproar in the Australian press after a journalist tweeted offensive comments at the Logies on Sunday night, the story is here.  The newspaper columnist/comedian was sacked by the paper after her tweets caused negative comments, although she wasn’t actually reporting for the paper at the time.

This brings to the foreground something that this Rabbit has known for a while, the on and offline worlds work the same way – you can’t be rude to people without repercussions in either place if you are in an open forum.

It comes back to your personal brand (Gary Vaynerchuk talks a lot about this in Crush It!) and what you want people to take away from meeting/talking/interacting with you. As Erik Qualman says in Socialnomics what happens in Vegas stays on Youtube!

Everyone has heard how people very quickly assess others and form an opinion of them, well now with the aid of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn this is even easier and they don’t even need to meet you!! So how can you make sure that you are dressed properly and don’t have your underpants ontop of your trouseurs – superman style?

On your personal Facebook profile lock down your privacy settings so that only friends can see your info, pictures etc. You can also restrict tagging of you in photos, which will stop some drunken dancing on a bar photo with your name on it going viral.

On LinkedIn…
– Check out some profiles of people you respect and/or admire for ideas of how to get it looking professional
– Make sure that your photo is professional and you are dressed properly! (see superman comment above)
– Fill in all your information in the boxes, if you don’t it could give the impression that you are a) lazy, b) unable to finish tasks, c) not taking it seriously or all three. See how I already have an opinion?
– Spell check everything twice, or ask someone else to read your info, does it make sense? Bad spelling and grammar again makes you look lazy and careless and can quickly switch people off.
– Be courteous, if you are responding to questions give your reply thought, don’t just throw out anything just to say yes I’ve answered a million questions today!
– Put thought into your status updates – how can what I’m saying add value to others?

Are you getting it? Your personal brand whether at work or at play is now integrated in a way that you can be judged and found wanting without even knowing about it!

Your personal brand is what you make it, think about how you’d like to be perceived and work towards that.

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Power Posting…

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Today it is all about “POWER POSTS”.  What is a POWER POST?  Basically it is a post that gets results, whether you are posting it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. you get results.  How do you write a POWER POST? (PS you should be reading POWER POST in a kind of superhero style voice!)

13 Tips for a powerful POWER POST

  1. The BIG P – which I’ve bounced over earlier, is all about planning, don’t think you can just spur of the moment come up with a great post, a great post is crafted 🙂
  2. Short & sweet – we’re all busy, we don’t have time to read war & peace however interesting the topic, so “get to the point and get out”
  3. Call to action – if you want them to do something after reading your post spell it out, eg visit our website, buy online here, write your comments below
  4. Spelling and grammar – as someone who is BIG on this, make sure you spell check all your posts before posting, it looks unprofessional to have typo’s or grammatical errors, and can put readers off, as they get caught up in the details of the grammar and miss the message
  5. Timing – When is a good time to post that your readers will see it, try out different times and see when you get the best response
  6. Be Playful – don’t think you have to be conservative, have some fun with your posts and your audience will enjoy it too
  7. Transparent – Tell people what you are doing and why, don’t try to catch them out with something, they WON’T love you for it 
  8. Passionate – Get excited, people are attracted to passionate people, so show them how passionate you are about what you are doing
  9. Interesting – Make sure the content is interesting to your readers, you already know who you are targeting and why, so make sure that you are telling them relevant info
  10. Useful – Similar to interesting, make it useful, do your readers really want to know that you are buying a new printer, no.  If you are buying a new printer to be able to send out flashy invites to an event they might be
  11. Educate – If your goal is to educate your readers then do it, and don’t just regurgitate other people’s info, have an opinion, it makes it much more interesting
  12. Personal – Show that you’re human (I am making the assumption that you are!) people like to get to know the person behind the page/blog/twitter etc.
  13. Have a point to it – think about what the aim of writing it is, if you are just filling in time or filling in a blank space or doing it because you feel you need to, then BORING FORGET IT!

So posters, get out there and get posting, plan what you are going to say, and excite your readers.  If anyone else has any tips for POWER POSTS let me know in the comments (note using tip 3 here).


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