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Additional benefits of social media

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

There are many good reasons why businesses should be using social media, these are the standard…

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Engage customers
  • Build relationships
  • Increase sales
  • Build trust
  • Get ideas
  • Listen to customers

However there are also some others that are not mentioned quite as much….

Brand Protection

People are chatting about your brand/business/service saying OMG I had the most awful experience and would never go again etc.  You can listen to this and help change their perceptions (and others with it).  By listening to customers via sites such as Social Mention or Addict-o-matic or even just using Google/Bing or Yahoo you can find out what is being said,  is it good, bad or indifferent?  You can jump in and nip complaints in the bud before they get out of hand, and therefore protect your brand.

Market Intelligence

Use the tools I mentioned above to see what your competitors are doing, what is working for them?  When are they doing it?  How are they doing it?  What are they using?  How often are they using it?  Try to find out where the gap in the market is that you can jump into.

Customer Service

There are already a number of companies using Twitter (mostly) for customer service, eg Best Buy, Telstra and Cisco to name a few.  There are also many Facebook pages using it as a customer service tool with people monitoring the pages continually.

Barrier to Entry

By building up a following for your business/brand/service/product you can create an effective barrier to entry that money can’t buy.  Companies cannot buy trust and loyalty very easily, so for small businesses this can set you apart from larger competitors and effectively prevent others from entering your space.

Retention and cross-sell

This is similar to the selling angle that often gets discussed, but instead of selling products to new customers try to sell different products to existing customers.  They already trust you, have a relationship with you, so it should be easier….


IBM used a gaming video to teach people about business process management, they made it fun, and by doing so changed the perception of IBM with uni graduates, so that they now want to join IBM.  Here IBM changed the company perception and educated customers in a fun way.  People who love what the company is doing will want to join, so they find you rather than you finding them!

Younger generation appeal

Similar in the way that social media  repositions a business’ reputation as a fun, innovative place to work it can also widen the appeal of the businesses products and services.  Coach bags in the USA crowdsourced bag designs because they wanted to appeal to the 14- 24 age group.  Through social media they did this and so repositioned the brand in consumers eyes as appealing to them rather than something my grandma uses!

Staff Engagement

This is something I have experienced in my business where the team pull together to represent the business to customers.  They like to be involved, particularly those who are not usually on the front line because a) they feel valued and b) they feel that they are making a difference.

All of these reasons are even more reason for your business to get involved.  No longer is promoting your business about who shouts the loudest, instead it is about who is creative, innovative, up with the times and are playing where their audience are.

What do you think?  Are there any other benefits that you are experiencing that I haven’t mentioned?  Let me know in the comments below or on the Social Rabbit Facebook Page.


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More Facebook changes…

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

You may have woken up today, and said “oh no” more Facebook changes and gone back to bed, or like this little bunny bounced out of bed and hit the net to see what it was all about.  For those still in bed here’s a summary.

You will have a note at the top of your personal profile page, and when you click on it this is what you get…

Facebook are trying to integrate their site (platform) with other sites (platforms) to compete with Google.  So they have formed alliances with,

  • Microsoft docs: an online version of Microsoft office that lets you share the docs with your Facebook friends.  However this is still in beta (which means it’s still being tested) and so you can’t just join you have to request to join and then wait until they let you in, which sucks!
  • Yelp: “Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – and not so great, in your area” (or so they say…).  However for us in Australia you can’t use it, unless it’s for the USA, it is all USA cities – way to go Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg, apparently facebookers call him Zuck)
  • Pandora: Internet radio/music, but can’t be used outside of the USA, once again really helpful

Overall conclusion on these, WAY TO USA focused!  Considering that only around 25% of Facebook users are from the USA, this doesn’t work for me.  The Microsoft docs could be good when I can actually use it, as it means that I can write word, excel and powerpoint docs online from any pc, which could be great for travelling.  Let’s hope that Zuck works with some more GLOBAL companies to get sites that benefit everyone.

Plus there are

  • Social plugins which you can add to your website (no coding required) so you can see which of your friends like something
  • Applications will now only ask for what they need for the app to work, and if they ask for more you can choose not to give it to them

If you want to see Zuck telling us how it will affect you personally check out the video from Mashable.

Basically Facebook are trying to take over the world!  OK, well maybe not this week…  What do you think of these changes?

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